Friday, July 14, 2017


Okay, so I still haven't cleaned out my painting area to get to my photography stuff or to be able to paint. I have been able to do some modelling, and right now I am focusing on rebasing my Newhammer Chaos for Age of Sigmar and the upcoming Armies on Parade event. One thing I have been able to do, however, is set up a fancy-schmancy glass display cabinet. 

I picked up one of the Ikea Detloff cabinets. I had to add a lock to it as well, since my kids will frequently be playing down there. And despite what that says about "no drill," that lock definitely requires drilling to install! 

I had wanted to add extra shelves using Richard Helliwell's 3D printed shelf clips, but I couldn't find anywhere that would cut me some tempered glass shelves (again, the kids!) for a reasonable price. No one charged less than a new Deloff cabinet for a single shelf! This shocked me because most of the DIY guides said they got new shelves for the $12-19 US range and I was getting quotes in the $80 US range.  So if anyone knows an affordable place to get shelves cut, let me know.

Oh, and a word to the wise, the plastic clips that hold the glass together must go on in a specific way that is easy to overlook. I had a lot of problems that stemmed solely from that.

So anyway, here's the shelf assembled and placed in my basement:

And here it is full of my NEEERRRRDDDD!!!! stuff:

A close-up of some Lego and Transformers:

And what most readers of this blog will want to see, some of my better models, including a front row that I haven't added to the blog yet!