Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frostgrave Terrain

As I said in my last post, I've been working on a lot of terrain lately. Mostly in my downtime when I wait for the Zombies of Karr-keel (which I finally finished, photos soon!). Anyway, I picked up Games Workshop's Magewraith Throne as I thought it would be perfect for Frostgrave. At $15, it was too good a deal to pass up. The only knock on it is that it was originally part of a different piece and it has two tabs that stick out below the base, which have to be cut off.

The stone base was airbrushed beginning with Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue and highlighted by mixing in Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey and then White. Each highlight was applied from a higher angle to create a zenithal pattern. After that, it was hit with various dark oil washes, and pooling was cleaned up with a little thinner.

The throne itself was intended to imitate and was initially airbrushed with Citadel Hawk Turquoise. I then sponged on various turquoise and white mixes and various green-blue washes to simulate the verdigris texture. Then I sponged on Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass to create some spots where the verdigris had been worn off. The cushion was Citadel Khorne Red highlighted up by mixing in Citadel Kommando Khaki.

The statues were intended to look like onxy and were painted black and "higlighted" by mixing in space wolf grey onto the lower points, since shy objects tend to reverse the where the brightest part of the object is. They were finished off with a heavy gloss coat.

The snow was applied by mixing in Woodland scenics snow and Liquitex Gloss Varnish into a paste. Normally, I use Tamiya clear because it looks better. But, this was a lot of snow and Tamiya clear only comes in small, expensive bottles.

If I had it to do all over again, I'd leave off the side statues, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. The idea of a giant, ancient throne sitting in a square in Feldstadt where some ancient wizard conducted business.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bunker, bunker, who's got the bunker?

Another classic piece of terrain I've always been fond of is the classic bunkers that used to always appear in the 2nd ed. 40k battle reports. This is, unfortunately, not one of those bunkers. But it isn't a bad bunker by any means.

I painted it with my airbrush, applying various grays at zenithaly higher angles. I applied streaks of grime with some oil paints. The steels were painted with GW iron breaker and had various dirty washes, both acrylic and enamel, applied. Same with the brass, only I believe I drybrushed a few highlights, going through the the range of current GW colors. Black pigments were applied around the damaged portions.

The only parts I'm not happy with are the green armor pieces on the corpses. I feel like I could have gotten those better as they look way too rough.

Also, I know the background isn't very sci-fi, but I was trying out my new backdrop for terrain :D

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Forest for the Trees

So I don't know why I go on the terrain binges. I never use any of it; largely because I never play. An I sure don't have a good place to store it! But, nonetheless, I do. I also love the old style trees from White Dwarf. At one point, I know they were manufactured by K&M, since I ordered some from GW and they arrived still in the K&M boxes. However, someone recently suggested on the Oldhammer Facebook group that they also used Javis trees. I can't vouch that all of these are K&M either, since some of them came from a batch in GW packaging.

Although I was sad to see GW quit carrying these (as K&M are hard to get in the USA), I do like the new citadel woods set as well. And I've painted one from that set as well. Now to just finish it off...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spurot Vilebound, Nurgle Sorcerer

"Papa Nurgle has smiled upon me," thought Spurot. "He granted me the buboes that wiped out Fluginheim. And he gave me the pestilence that destroyed Blinkenhelm. And who could forget the infections that doomed Honkenbraken? But those, those were just one horse villages. Now Papa Nurgle has given me the chance to invade the Empire and unleash his deadliest plagues there!"

Much like the Nurgle Warriors I recently posted, this Nurgle Sorcerer was designed for a 7th edition Warhammer chaos army. However, unlike the warriors, there was no meta considered when adding him to my army. I just think this model is great.

As far as painting him, he was painted really quickly because he's a pretty simple model. I don't recall the base mix of the black, but I do remember I highlighted it by mixing in Nurgling Green. The brown was scorched brown, highlighted up to Bestial Brown and then Mornfang Brown. The staff was P3 Bastion grey highlighted up with Bleached Bone. The flesh was Knarloc Green also highlighted by mixing in Nurgling Green. The maggots began with Nurgling Green, washed with a green and brown mix, and highlighted by mixing in Vallejo off white (I forget the exact name, doh!).

This was where the real fun began though. I used a greenstuff cable maker to make a giant maggot sliding out of the ground. Then I mixed Uhuh glue and Nurgle's Rot and quickly stretched it across the staff and the giant maggot and glopped on some more around the skulls on the staff. This was a hugely fun model to paint.