Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Battle at the Farm

The planet of Rynn's World lies on the edge of human space, within easy striking range of countless Ork Warlords that rule the neighboring systems. Orks are loathsome and disorganized aliens, creatures with little intelligence and no sense of pity. Until now, Rynn's World has been left in peace. The main reason for this is almost certainly that it is home fo the Crimson Fists Chapter of Space marines - who's fortress/monastery has stood on the rocky soil of Rynn's World for over a thousand years. However, last week the planet was invaded by a force from the Ork Empire of Charadon. The insane Ork Warlord, one Snagrod the Arch-arsonist, has already conquered the human world of Badlanding, not to mention several minor Ork Empires. Rynn's World is only sparsely populated, but (prior to the invasion) had a complete and effective missile-defense system designed to deter would be invaders. Confident in the power of their defenses (and forgetting the irrational behavior of Orks) no-one anticipated the invasion. Even so, all would have been well were it not for the freak accident that caused a defense missile to glance off-course and plunge down right on top of the Space Marine Arsenal. The Marine base and its complement of fighting men and machines was completely destroyed. The only survivors were the Chapter leader Commander Pedro Cantor and fifteen Marines. Without the Marines the human settlers were quickly slain and their townships overrun. Now only the Planet's capital, New Rynn City, remains in human hands. 

The Crimson Fists (painted by Bulldog Lopez) man the ruins of an old farmstead and await the Orks...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Harakka, Dwarf Warrior

Harakka marched into the bandit's camp. As a follower of elgra-thrynaz, he was here to make mischief. But like any good follower of this path, he sowed the seeds of his trouble-making long before making himself known to the bandits. First, he loosed their horses. Then, he snuck into their supplies and dispersed their food. Finally, he helped himself to their treasure. Oh, and the booby-traps. You can't forget the booby-traps. But now that this heavily armed and armored dwarf made himself known, the real fun would begin...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018