Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Epic is EPIC!

So one of my favorite games of all time is Epic. I've played most of the editions, starting armies as the game gets popular the selling my army when everyone local quits playing. The last time that happened, I decided to buy up a second army (I now have a third too!). But this post isn't about my second or third armies, it's about my primary army, the Dark Angels.

As I work my way through a second company of Dark Angels, I've now completed a Devastator detachments. Nothing special here, some green space marines and their rhinos.

But now for what you really want see, Titans!

I chose to paint half of my titans as Legio Atarus, a storied legion present at the drop site massacre of Isstvan V. This way, they can do double duty on a project several of us are working on to play the massacre at next year's (hopefully) Oldhammer day. Plus the red and cream color scheme looks great and the legion symbol is pretty easy to paint!

I ended up adding shields on both of them to cover some imperfections. One was missing a chunk of trim on the backpiece while the other had a gouge running up the middle of the shin plate. I think the heraldry came out pretty well.

But without further ado, here is the first of the two Warlord Titans:

And here is the second. I took pictures from multiple angles on this one:


  1. Love them. Epic at the next Oldhammer Day? Tell me more.

    1. He of Three Names wants to do the Istvaan Massacre. At this point, he has luna wolves and that's it. I'm planning on picking up about 3k points worth of Heresy era Salamanders.