Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Forest for the Trees

So I don't know why I go on the terrain binges. I never use any of it; largely because I never play. An I sure don't have a good place to store it! But, nonetheless, I do. I also love the old style trees from White Dwarf. At one point, I know they were manufactured by K&M, since I ordered some from GW and they arrived still in the K&M boxes. However, someone recently suggested on the Oldhammer Facebook group that they also used Javis trees. I can't vouch that all of these are K&M either, since some of them came from a batch in GW packaging.

Although I was sad to see GW quit carrying these (as K&M are hard to get in the USA), I do like the new citadel woods set as well. And I've painted one from that set as well. Now to just finish it off...


  1. I like the current GW plastic trees, except the "foliage". Looks like pizzas, not leaves. Seen people do some really cool stuff adding clump foliage or punched out leaves and made them really cool.

    Can you make some terrain for me? I have very few pieces in my collection and find terrain painting a right chore. :P

    1. You don't want me to make your terrain. I'll put it this way: American children were born and obtained legal drinking age between when I started and finished some of those pieces!

  2. They look good. Terrain is something that I pitifully lack, especially given the supposed amount of time I've been in the hobby.