Sunday, October 29, 2017

Orktober 2017

"What? No banna for uz this year?"
-Random Ork Wisdom

I'm cutting it close, but I got an Orktober entry done this year! I painted him much the same as last year's Ork, so I won't rehash that here. The only real difference is I added a little bit of chipping to his shoulder pads. Overall, I'm pretty happy with him except for his right eye, I don't know if it was the sculpt or I just messed it up that bad, but it is huge! But, in Rogue Trader fashion, I think I'll poke fun at his paint job and name him Wrighty. Enjoy!


  1. The joys of painting old minis!! Is that an eye or his cheekbone? We'll never know

  2. He looks good Andrew! The chipping on his shoulder is great too!

    Excellent stuff :)

    1. Thanks! These old Orks have so much character!

  3. Oh, looking fantastic! Lovly miniature

  4. I like this greenie! Nice colours, a true classic.

  5. Gorgeous - the battle damage on his armour is really exquisite.