Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Brukk Gutthammer - Bloodbowl Ogre

"Remember son--Keep on pounding!"
-Karolingia Panthers Pregame Instructions to Brukk Gutthammer, Ogre star player.

Finally, the Karolingia Panthers are completed. By and large, I painted him the same way as the rest of the team. However, I did do something a little different, I gave him bright yellow pants. I had originally intended to do something a little flashier, but I liked the way the yellow came out, so I ran with it. It was based in Averland Sunset and washed with Casandora Yellow. I then highlighted it up by mixing in Bleached Bone and finished it with a layer of Lamenter Yellow pretty much straight from the pot. The mud splatter was done by flicking on a few of the Vallejo Environmental Effects.

I also used the old GW Ogre flesh recipe for his skin. It starts with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Shadow Grey and highlighted by adding in Bleached Bone. I know GW has switched back to human flesh tones for their Ogres (or whatever the heck they call them now) and I hated this grey flesh at the time, but I find in this instance it is good color to go with. Bloodbowl has a tendency to be equated with real world sports teams (like I am doing here) and I don't want to create any implications that any real-world people or races are akin to ogres. 

Finally, I finished the model off by masking off all but a line across his body and splattering Tamiya Clear Red in various mixes to simulate blood. I specicially wanted a line to make it look like he just punched someone so hard, the wound sprayed across him. 

Now, maybe I'll actually get a game in with these guys!


  1. We should get a game in! Gouged Eye FTW!!

  2. Love that model and yours is the first paintjob I for it that I actually like. The grey skin was a sweet choice.

  3. Beautiful work, Andrew. And like Dai, I really like the grey skin tone. Thanks for including the recipe... I'm sure I will use it sooner rather than later. I hope I can get half of the richness out of it that you did.

    1. Half the reason I have this blog is so that I can record my recipes so that when I need them they're readily available 😂

  4. Salutations ^^

    First of all, excuse my bad english, I'm a french frog ^^'

    I went on your blog after searching some stuff about Blood Bowl... And I met your Karolingians (Carolingians ? Like the old french kings ? ^^).

    Your ogre is very beautiful, so do your human team and the X-27 Clear Red Tamiya is very magic to underligne that Blood Bowl is not for the little ponies ^^

    I take some time to visit your blog and I really like your paintjob : I register on it and put it on my Temple blogroll ^^

    Please, feel free to visit it and may I introduce you to my personal human team ? The Golden Crows of Aquitania :

    Thank you very much !! ^^



    1. Hello!

      Yes, you're largely correct on the origin of Karolingia, although a it's a little more indirect. I'm from the state of North Carolina, that, although named after a different Charles, uses the same naming structure from the Carolingians.

      And thank you for your compliments, I shall be checking or your blog momentarily!

    2. Ok, thank you for the explanation ^^

      And thank you so much for visiting my Temple ^^