Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Zombie Little Dyer

Apprenticeship in the Imperial Advertisers Guild started younger than most. Turned over to the guild's guardianship as early as four years old, most guild children were deployed for the betterment of imperial advertising as sign boys. Specially trained to carry heavy wooden placards to the front and back suspended by ropes over their shoulders, sign boys were contracted out to local businesses, government offices, and anyone else who felt the need to announce something, like an impending wedding, a birth, or the end of the world. Of all the sign boys in the guild's Karr-Keel branch, Little Dyer was the best. Through the oppressive heat of the summer, the driving rains of fall, the ice and snow of winter, and the general muckiness of spring, he could be depended upon to stand in place or walk a beat with his signs proudly displayed upon his chest and back. The guild expected great things of Little Dyer, and, when he grew beyond his role, there was no doubt that he would become a journeyman advertiser. Of course, the Necroburgher's curse ended all of that, and Little Dyer now wanders the crumbling remains of Karr-Keel, still bearing the burden of the last sign he ever carried. Who would have thought that an advertisement for The End Tavern stating "The End is Nigh" with an arrow pointing down the street would be so prophetic...

So this is the point where I get to claim I won Warhammer. When Up Stream House Games was working on wave 2 of their zombies, they ran a contest to post a photo to be part of their range. And I won with a picture of my oldest boy...that got sculpted into a zombie by the legendary Kev Adams. So, yea, I won at Warhammer 😂

There isn't really any reason to go through how I painted everything on these models, since all the flesh recipes have already been laid out. And the rest is just black, blue , and leather. On top of that, I painted both my copy and the copy for UGH at the same time and both models were largely painted identically. 

I did mix some Tamiya Clear Green with UHU glue and stretched it from his hand to his mouth to give an impression he has just eaten some rotten and festering brains. I also painted some mock-German on his sign. And for those of you not familiar with American fast food chains, I also snuck in a reference to a pretty famous ad campaign here in the states. Since the board is chipped up, it reads "Is Mair Ku."

For my personal copy, I put him on a 25mm round base so that I can use him with my Pox Walkers in 40k. 

His sign as well, is a little more personal, but still mock-german. And a special thanks to Jack Radiant Sky and Lemon Russ over on Facebook for helping me with my translations. His sign, roughly translated, states "I am disorder." And anyone who ever met my boy, would know that this sign is apt!