Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Der Greiche, Chaos Thug

As the strange, masked figure approached camp,  Shak'nar knew his growing fame was spreading far across the chaos wastes. The Gods had told him that more followers would be flocking to his command and here was the proof of their generosity. Shak'nar returned the focus of this thoughts back to the warrior approaching. His helmet sported an impressive horse hair crest, indicating he must possess some skill, that crest would attract too much attention to survive in the chaos wastes without some skill. He was mostly armored, but his exposed arms were a swarthy color Shak'nar did not recognize...clearly the stranger had wandered a long distance to arrive at this place. Shak'nar also admired the leering demon face on his shield. Shak'nar smiled beneath his helm in triumph. "Soon..." he though, "Soon, I shall topple the world."

Okay, I know this model is not a chaos thug. He's Gladius from the Heroic Fighters of the Known World. But that mask reminded me of Vega from Street Fighter 2, so there is no way I can see him as a good guy! So a chaos thug, he became. Overall he was painted pretty normally, with a few exceptions.

He's carrying a comb for his crest!
The boots and a few other leather parts were based in black instead of brown, but worked up to brown. Normally, I start a little lighter than that, but he has so much leather on him, I needed to use more recipes than I normally use so he was repetitive. The crest was based with Citadel Khorne Red and highlighted by mixing in Citadel Wild Rider Red, and then finally, Citadel Fire Dragon Bright. The black stripes were blocked in prior to any of the red highlights and were themselves highlighted by mixing in Citadel the Fang. The mask was Citadel Fenrisian Grey mixed with white and then highlighted up to pure white. I also attempted to paint a blood tear on the mask. But I couldn't get it to look good, so I painted over it.

I also decided to give the shield a physical nose. Mostly so I could pin it on. I clipped the shield boss too short for the curved shield...which I was set on using since Gladius has a lot of greek influences on him. He was initially airbrushed with Ultramarine blue and the hihglights were applied my mixing in Fenrisian Grey and the shades were Scale 75 Abyssal Blue, with pure black and white for the eyes, mouth, and scars. Initially, it looked to plain, so I did go in and stipple some texture on it with my meidum tone highlight, and that made it look a lot better.


  1. Awesome mini Andrew! Though I think I would have went red on the shield instead of blue.

    1. Red was my initial choice, but I was painting it just as that other guy posted all those shield tutorials on the Facebook group and he used red--so I wanted to be different!

  2. Great work. I love the interpretation of the character and how it turned out. Cool!