Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Eldar Farseer--A Christmas Present

If you're not familiar with the Hobby Hangout on Facebook (or if you're not even on Facebook), its a group for people to share their experiences with the model painting hobby; it isn't limited to miniature painting, but that's what most people share. They do a Christmas Mini Swap and this year I decided to join in. I like doing these kind of things periodically as it gives me a chance to try out some new things because I don't have to worry about it fitting in with an army. 

Ugh, too many weeks without an update. I've been busy painting and not taking pictures. Unfortunatly, it'll probably be a few more weeks before I get a chance to do any photography. But the good new is, I have at least seven posts worth of stuff to photograph as it is, plus whatever I get done before then.

So, on to you're regularly scheduled blog post...

The recipients are randomly assigned and mine had some Eldar stuff on her page, so I figured I'd go with that. The outer cloak was airbrushed with Vallejo Game Air Hexed Lichen and highlights were applied by airbrush, mixing in VGA Warlord Purple and then Squid Pink. Unfortunately, I had neglected to keep my tip clean and ended up having to go back and correct the transitions by hand. So it didn't come out the best. The inner robes were initially painted with Citadel Daemonette Hide and a stark highlight of VGC Off-white was applied. After that, I made a glaze of Citadel Naggaroth Night and applied several layers to blend everything together. This was my first attempt at this technique, and I am pretty happy with how that came out.

All the bone parts were based in VGC Bronze Flesh and highlighted by mixing in P3 White. The shoulder pads and helmet were based in Citadel Fenris Grey but the helmet was washed with a very thin mix of Citadel Fang while the shoulder pads were washed with Nighthaunt Gloom (I wanted to see how they compared). Both were highlighted by mixing in white.

The yellow robes were just a progression of the various Citadel Yellows with a final highlight of a very light yellow from Vallejo Model Color who's label has worn off. The flesh was painted with Citadel Rakarth Flesh, which was shaded with a thin mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Druchi Violet. Then Rakarth flesh was reapplied followed by Pallid Wych Flesh and then white. Finally, Hexwraith Flame was applied to his hand and helmet rune to give the impression of some eminent psychic power about to be unleashed.


  1. Really, really lovely paintjob. Impressive colour transitions and amazing result.

    1. Thanks, I was really trying to work on those things!