Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Birth (and death) of Heroes

So I spent all that time painting models from Heroquest and replacing all the furniture (those pictures to come!) and it was time to actually put all that hard work to good use. I invited a fellow dad over with his two kids plus my oldest last Saturday to run Heroquest for the first time since the mid-90s! We ended up playing through the first adventure twice. On the first go through, team work was not something the kids thought about, instead going willy-nilly into each room and letting everything out. Only the Elf survived and that was due to a tactical retreat from the Gargoyle and 3 Chaos Warriors.

The heroes explore the first few rooms, opening lots of doors and going in different directions.

Not one character in the same room as another!

The Dwarf boldly charges in the final room!

The villains mop up the unprepared heroes.
 After they learned some lessons, the kids wanted to play through it again. This session went better, but ended with similar results, only one hero survived! This time, the party stuck together and went straight for the Gargoyle, which they defeated quite easily. However, they decided they wanted to explore all the rooms, and that's where things broke down! Between all the monsters taking their toll and even more monsters wandering into the rooms during treasure searches, it was just too much for the poor heroes to handle.

This time, they stick together!

After the first two rooms, they decided to go fight the Gargoyle now.

The Dwarf is again the first to enter, but this time he has backup!

And he easily slays the Chaos Warrior

The Elf joins in and puts down an Orc.

The Gargoyle is no match for all four heroes at once!

Treasure time!

Things are going well so far...

The Dwarf got impatient and released the Chaos Warriors!

Who slew the Dwarf and head for the remaining heroes.

The Barbarian, Elf, and Wizard laid in wait to get the drop on the Chaos Warriors.

Now to explore the tomb.

The Mummy is tougher than the expected.

After reaching his last wound and with the Wizard out of healing spells, the Barbarian retreats

The Elf ventures it the tomb.

The final Mummy shambles to its death.

The Wizard finds gold in the sepulcher 

But while searching for treasure along, an Orc stumbles into the room.

And a Wizard is no match for an Orc in close combat!

The Barbarian makes it to the stairs and his escape!

But the Orc cuts down the fleeing Elf...


  1. Very nice AAR and fantastic looking figures!

  2. Ohhhh, that's so great! I love seeing HQ being played! :)

    1. It is, I've been informed that two of the players (a brother and sister) have been making Lego dungeons since!