Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Warcry--The Untamed Beasts!

Hailing from the Jagged Savannah in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, the Untamed Beasts are brutal warriors who eschew the trappings of civilisation. Capable of binding the spirits of beasts to their own through dark rituals, they possess preternatural strength and speed. Those warriors in the Eightpoints venerate Archaon as the Eater of Worlds, and long to join him in his great hunt. To them, Chaos is the Devourer of Existence – a rampaging apex predator from which there is no escape.

So when GW released Warcry, I fanboyed out and had to pick it up right away. When GW also released their new Contrast Paints just prior to this, I also had to pick up a bunch of those. So I decided that I would use the Warcry release to really learn to use the Contrast Paints. 

Each model was primed with Badger African Flesh Tone and then hit zenithally with Vallejo Game Air Bone. The flesh was straight Darkoath Flesh. Where I felt that highlights were necessary, I mixed some P3 Menoth White Base into the Darkoath Flesh, but there were not many such spots. The scars were done by mixing in Flesh Tearer Red into Darkoath Flesh.

For the fur, I started by applying a coat of Cygor brown, thinned about 50/50 with contrast medium to the bottom areas of fur. I thin repeated this in the middle with Gore Grunta Fur and at the top with Aggaros Dunes (unthinned). All this was done while the layers were wet so that there was some natural blending going on. After that dried, I quickly drybrushed the fur with Rakarth Flesh. The horns were done in a similar manner, except without the Gore Grunta Fur. 

Something that was pointed out to me was that the Untamed Beasts were generally anti-metal. So instead of painting the helmets with metallic colors, I opted for boiled leather. They, along with the leather belts and straps, were just Snakebite Leather and highlighted by mixing in in P3 Menoth White Base. The bones and spikes were painted with a mix of Basilicanum Grey and Apothecary White and then highlighted with pure white. The beast's fur was just Basilicanum Grey with the stripes having been painted prior to the layer of Contrast Paint.

The wrappings were straight Aggaros Dunes and rehighlighted with P3 Menoth White base while the weapon wrappings and cloth bits were just various contrast paints and highlighted the same way. 

The bodies of the Raptoryx were Gryph-Charger Grey and their plumes were Ultramarine Blue, thinned quite substantially. The beeks were just Iyaden Yellow and the purple bits where Shyish purple and highlighted by mixing grey into that. The wings were painted Gryph-Hound Orange with Fyreslayer Flesh painted into the cracks. I then drybrushed them with P3 Menoth White Base and then a layer of Iyaden Yellow.


  1. Liking how you got some nice results with the Contrast paints. Looking forward to trying them myself.

    1. Thanks, give them a go they're absolutely great!

  2. :O
    I can't believe those results. Simply amazing. The leather, not metal helmets is quite a nice touch. Well done!