Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ultramarine Lieutenant Calsius

Lucian Calsius is a Lieutenant in the Ultramarines Chapter's 2nd Company and a veteran of the Indomitus Crusade, where he received his current rank. Due to being a relative newcomer to his Chapter, Calsius works hard to earn the respect of his Battle Brothers and has displayed bravery and wisdom in numerous battles. Besides the Indomitus Crusade, Calsius has also taken part in the Plague Wars and defeated an Ork attack on the Agri World Nova Thulium. His celebrated victory there, including personally killing the Warboss Guttrekk, proved to be the turning point that allowed the Imperium's forces to defeat an Ork invasion of the Realm of Ultramar's eastern flank.

I've never actually painted an Ultramarine. There, the truth is out of the bag. Partially, I'm not a big fan of painting blue. Partially, I am bored to tears painting marines. Partially, they are just so ubiquitous that they, in general, bore me. That said, this model is pretty cool looking. I love the pose with him drawing his sword while walking into combat. 

Painting him was pretty simple. The armor was based with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and highlighted up by adding in Citadel Fenris Grey. The cracks were shaded with Tamiya Panel Line Black Wash, which is in enamel wash so it flows into the cracks perfectly. It also has a brush built in to the cap, so you don't have to get white spirits out for cleanup.

One thing you don't see often, and I really wanted here, is a dirty Ultramarine. Too often, they are perfectly clean and polished. I sponged some primer red around his legs, but most got covered with all the mud! I applied copious amounts of mud pigments to his feet and painted the bases the same way as my plague marines, except with dark brown colors. I also gave him a five o'clock shadow and painted the top of him with AK Interactive Rainmarks to simulate dust and dirt collecting on his armor in the field.


  1. Really like the grimy look on this one Dyer.

    1. Thanks! Can't have another clean and sparkly Ultramarine 🤮

  2. The mud effect is fabulous. You gave him a really interesting looking, I love it!