Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Zombie Bandits of Karr-Keel

Okay, I really dropped the ball on these Guys. UGH gave me these to paint them in January. Of 2019. And I started them until January. Of 2020. But, if you like what you see here and want your own set (which you should!) pick up a set here. Like all the rest, Kev Adams did an amazing job on them.

Probably my favorite of the set, he could damn near pass as a human!

One thing I've learned with painting all of these zombies of all this time is that almost any earthy tone works for zombies. I've also learned that the thinner these colors are applied, the better due to the texture that exists on a rotting corpse. I've also been using a TON of contrast paints lately and I wanted to give these a try on some zombies. 

I won't bore anyone with specifics of which Contrast Paints I used, because the answer is pretty much all of them. The fleshes were generally muted greens or brows, sometimes applied over a thinned layer of one of the flesh paints from the line. 

The horses were largely painted the same way; using muted and thinned layers to coalesce in the recesses. On both the bandits and their horses, some highlights were applied to add to the contrast, but not all of them and not even most of them. Just as needed like on the horses' haunches.

The clothing introduced some more colors, although most of these were mixed with a little Aggaros Dunes or Skeleton Horde to mute out the more vibrant tones. The wounds were done with one of the various reds, purples, or deep greens although most of the gore was highlighted with the relevent color to make them stand out even more.

I also tried to give each bandit a base that matched the personality of the bandit itself. So the zombie viking looks like hes in a frozen tundra, the zombie mailman is still delivering mail, etc. Now that you've made it this far, go buy a set, you know you want to!