Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Karolingia Panthers Bloodbowl Franchise Club

Bloodbowl season is upon as! I completed this team back in March or April, and didn't get a chance to photograph them before I had to put everything up. They were largely a speed paint as I had intended to teach my oldest son how to play Bloodbowl since he was really excited about it when I picked it up from my local GW store. Sadly, we still haven't played! The bulk of the armor was airbrushed Vallejo Magic Blue with an Electric Blue zenithal highlight applied. Then an edge highlight of Electric Blue with some white was applied with a brush. The metals, leathers, and flesh were applied as normal. I did again choose to have a multi-ethnic team with four white, four black, and four olive skinned players. Because these models were painted quickly, the roughness was hidden with lots of mud and blood (it is called BLOODbowl after all!). Lots and Lots of mud and blood. Finally, I wanted applied static grass to the entire base, to simulate a well-manicured pitch and painted white chalk lines once the grass was set. Now, I just have to complete the Ogre and the team is set!

First up are the team pictures:

Damn you, inconsistent lighting!

And the individual players:
Kameron Newton

Jakob Menschlich

Stephan Smith

Gerhard Olsen

Knut Greene

Kaiser Peppers

Kristoph Jenkins

Michael Rucker

Dagmar Morgan

Wilhelm Witherspoon

Tomas Davis

Rainer Kalil


  1. What a fantastic work Andrew~! Brutal group:)

  2. They look really good for a "speed" paint. I applaud you for doing their eyes, that looked like it was difficult. I like the gore and the base treatment as well.

    1. While the eyes weren't the funnest part of these to paint, they're pretty close to 35mm models so it was easier than usual! (And yet I still screwed a couple up ;) )

  3. These are amazing sculpts with an even more amazing paint job. Hats off to you, Andrew! The stains and wear (and blood) are picture perfect. I hope they bring you a lot of luck on the pitch. (Not that you need luck to succeed at Blood Bowl.)

    1. Thanks, I have to admit I was partially inspired to speed paint them by the quality of your speed paint Cthulhu stuff!

  4. These look great. Love the splatter and mud, really adds more grit to them. Will we get to see some AAR's of games played with these fellows?

    1. I've been intending to do a blog post covering a game teaching oldest to play... But I've never got around to teaching him to play 😰