Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 Year End Review

Ah, 'tis the season of year-end review blog posts! Much like last year, I am going to continue to focus on what I did not finish, versus what I did finish. After all, if you want to see what I painted, it's all (mostly) up on the blog.

First things, first, I did finish a few of the projects from last years list: the Lord of Worms, the dark future car, and the Magewraith Throne.

Unfortunately, there are still a few projects that I didn't touch during the entire year! You may recognize these two as being in exactly the same state as last year:


And to make matters worse, I started all these new projects:
He's going to be a Thousand Son modeled after one
featured in Lost and the Damned

A mad Squat engineer for the the Immaterium Sargassum

A boring Primaris marine to test out a Crimson
Fists color scheme

A secret Ottersricht project

This Iron Warriors rhino is almost finished!


These Plague Marines will hopefully be completed this weekend.
The Foul Blightspawn was one of my few hobby Christmas presents!

The Sticher's assistant in the catacombs of Ottersricht. Is it bad
that I modeled a cannibal, necromancer after an attorney I
deal with sometimes? 
So that was a run down of my shame from last year. I expect y'all to get on my case if you don't see some of these completed soon! That's what the comment section is for (well, that and Russian spambots!).


  1. Some interesting unfinished projects. My favorite is the Stitcher's assistant. Good luck in the coming year. I thought the comments were for Thai Casinos.

    1. I hope to have him done soon.

      And if the Thai casinos up my view county, they can comment too 😂

  2. I think Rufus gets my vote for the one that needs to Be finished 1st.
    Still there is no rush on any of this as it all will get done when It needs to get done.

    1. I've still got to figure something out for his back. That's going to delay finishing him 😫

  3. It's worth the wait, Andrew - I can't wait to see what you do with that Old World mansion. It is going to be FANTASTIC.

    1. I'm excited to finish, not other stuff keeps getting in the way 😂