Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Lord of Worms

Legends tell of an ancient barbarian warlord who's horde once fell upon its opponent in a cold mountain pass. Their victory was swift but short lived. Just as the barbarians slew the last of their enemy, a blizzard struck; snow began to whip to and fro in the ferocious winds. Before the survivors could react, both sides of the pass were closed--filled in by the snow banks. The barbarians had no choice but to make what shelter they could and hope to ride out the storm. 

After what seemed to be an eternity, the snow filing stopped. The warlord and his men dug themselves out of their makeshift refuges to gasp in horror at their predicament. The pass would take weeks, if not months, to dig free but the men began their work. 

It did not take the barbarians long to eat through their meager provisions. They were a barbarian horde, not a well equipped professional army. But still the snow was piled as high as they could see. And the hunger pangs began to grow. After the warriors could no longer go any further, the warlord ordered his men to eat the dead for the snow had kept the bodies preserved. For weeks, the army fed on the flesh of the dead while they dug themselves to freedom, and freedom they reached.

But something happened to those men. They developed a taste for the flesh of the fallen. But it was worse than that. Soon, the meat of the freshly fallen was no longer enough. The warlord and his men began to hunger for the rotting carcasses of their victims. And the Carrion God smiled and took pleasure in this. The warlord was blessed by Papa Nurgle who began to transform him physically to match his soul; to become the worm that feasts upon the dead. And thus the Lord of Worms was born...

The Lord of Worms was conceived to lead the Nurgle Contingent of my Age of Sigmar Chaos force. I wanted a mounted lord to be able to include with the Knights in the event that I wanted to field a pure Nurgle force. For his mount, I chose Nurglings as they're easy to obtain and are distinctly Nurgle. I was able to fit about a base and a half of Nurglings on a 50mm square base. Through the back of the first stand, I ran a large brass rod through the Nurglings. I wrapped the rod in greenstuff and used the roll maker from Green Stuff World to simulate a giant wormy tentacle. I also wrapped several pieces of thinner brass wire in greenstuff and repeated the process to make the other tentacles, making sure to use various size and textures to simulate different types of worms.

The torso itself is mostly a stock Blight King. The only real change I made was that since the Chaos Lord Warscroll has them equipped with a hand weapon and shield. I shaved off the hand that was molded on the shield piece and sculpted a worm wrapping itself around the handles. I made sure to add the clitellum to distinguish it from a generic tentacle. I wanted his arm to look like it was in the process of mutating into a worm, so I left the striations to be painted on.

I left the model in several pieces for painting: the nurglings, the worms, the torso, the head, and the right shoulder pad (due to a head hanging from it on the back that would have blocked access to the model).

The nurglings were largely painted with GW warboss green highlighted up by mixing in P3 Menoth White Base (essentially bleached bone) and washed with a mix of Army Painter Soft Tone and Green Tone inks. The bellies were highlighted up to pure Menoth White Base. Thinned GW Bloodletter Glaze was applied to the pustules. A few of the Nurglings were picked out in alternate colors, most noticably the ones painted with some pink flesh tones from the Vallejo Model Color line and washed with GW Baal Red and Leviathan Purple. The two stragglers at the very back were painted slightly different shades of green and flesh to stand out. The green was GW Loren Forrest highlighted up with Krieg Khaki and the flesh was Dwarf flesh highlighted up with an old shade of Vallejo Model Color whose name has worn off (it's another soft flesh shade).

The armor for the Lord of Worms wash airbrushed with Vallejo Game Air Dead Flesh (it is slightly different that the original GW Rotting Flesh) with highlights applied by mixing in white. Then I applied Ammo of Mig's Streaking Grime and Streaking Rust effects, both in streaks and as an enamel wash. Once that was dry, I applied rusty patches by stippling on GW Rhinox Hide, Dark Flesh, Vermin Brown, and Averland Sunset. Finally, I re-applied pure white to the edges of the armor, but I did so solely in vertical motions to continue the streaking appearance.

The metal spike and axe blade were painted with GW Ironbreaker and washed with Ammo of Mig Light Rust Wash and Streaking Grime applied in splotches. I also added rust using the same metho as above.

The flesh was painted using the old GW Ogre flesh recipe: Graveyard Earth mixed with Shadow Grey and highlighted by adding in Bleached Bone (although I used the current GW colors and the aforementioned P3 Menoth White Base). The shield arm was blended into GW Skrag Brown with the highlights applied as stripes by mixing in P3 Midlund Flesh and then Menoth White Base. Finally, the arm was finished with a wash of Army Painters Soft Tone ink.

The other worms were painted largely the same way, except with Vallejo Game Color Dwarf Flesh instead of the P3 Midlund Flesh. The grey worms were painted with GW Skavenblight Dinge highilighted by mixing in P3 Menoth White Base and washed with Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

The Shield was painted with Vallejo Game Color Brassy Brass and washed with P3 Turquoise ink. I then painted stripes of GW Hawk Turquoise, Ice Blue, and Ice Blue mixed with White to simulate a very exaggerated verdigris.

The gold fly and shield boss were painted with Vallejo Model Color Old Gold washed with Army Painter Soft Tone ink and highlighted up by mixing in GW Stormhost Silver. They were finished off with several thin layers of GW Waywatcher Green glaze.

Once it was all assembled, I mixed Uhu glue with Tamiya Clear Red and Army Painter Dark Tone ink to simulate gore, which I applied to some of the Nurglings with open wounds. Then I mixed the Uhu with GW Nurgle's Rot to simulate the slime. You have to work fast with this because the Uhu dries quickly. It is applied with a toothpick and stretched from piece to piece.

Maybe, just maybe, I went overboard on the rust on his back...

When Nurgle's children are around, you really, really don't want to eat the yellow snow.

I have a worm crawling out my eye hole! Grrrrrr!

Hmmmm....My own guts are tasty!

Wait up!

Closeup on the shield. I'm very happy with how the rust came out.


  1. Thanks! He was hella fun to build and paint.

  2. I love this model. Very inventive all around. You should just pretend your using it for Oldhammer though. ;) I definitely am asking for some Green Stuff world things for my birthday.

    1. Thanks! They have some interesting stuff, but I suspect some of it can be accepted elsewhere without having to pay for international shipping...

  3. Andrew that's frikken cool. Concept, conversion, painting, it's all filthy sex, all the filthy Nurgley time. You've really outdone yourself with this one mate.

    1. Thanks! Rattly do I do anything actually creative, but this was one of them 😂

  4. Andrew, I am gobsmacked by how great this miniature is. Seriously. Amazing.
    And thanks for the detailed rundown of how you did it! Very helpful. Hats off!

    1. Thanks so much. This was definitely one of the more fun models I've ever done and I find enjoying the project always helps with creativity 😀