Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Anglo-Danish Warlord

A.D. 1016. King Edmund had ere this gone out, and invaded the West-Saxons, who all submitted to him; and soon afterward he fought with the enemy at Pen near Gillingham. A second battle he fought, after midsummer, at Sherston; where much slaughter was made on either side, and the leaders themselves came together in the fight.[] 

Then collected he his force the third time, and went to London, all by north of the Thames, and so out through Clayhanger, and relieved the citizens, driving the enemy to their ships. It was within two nights after that the king went over at Brentford; where he fought with the enemy, and put them to flight: but there many of the English were drowned, from their own carelessness; who went before the main army with a design to plunder. 

After this the king went into Wessex, and collected his army; but the enemy soon returned to London, and beset the city without, and fought strongly against it both by water and land.

But the almighty God delivered them.

-The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

So back when I posted my Viking Warlord, I mentioned that I had also painted up my Anglo-Danish Warlord. Unfortunately, I screwed up my first attempt at a Little Big Man Studios banner and it had a bunch of wrinkles I could not remove. So he sat on the corner of my table until I could get another one ordered. Thankfully, the second attempt at a banner went much better!

Much like my other Anglo-Danes, I stuck with lots of earth tones and natural colors. But, one thing I have found is Footsore models that are covered in armor are very, very fast to paint! The only thing I'm unhappy with is the LBMS shield transfer. Those things are so thick and the edge of it is really visible. I have got to figure out a way to fix that as there is no way I can freehand those complicated designs.