Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Terrain Fixers

Giuseppe Alegari made it through the clearing, only to freeze in place. Piero, the explorer immediately behind him, clattered into him, but that did not budge Giuseppe. Piero looked up to see the remains of a ruined temple, covered in obscene runes that made his eyes hurt. Then he noticed that the altar was covered in blood. Fresh blood. "We should not be here," mumbled Piero quietly to Giuseppe. That was the last thing he ever said.

So this piece was really a touch up of a piece I did about a decade ago. Originally, It was just drybrushed with various greys and put on a giant base. A giant base that made it impossible to store easily.

The first thing I did was to cut the base down drastically. The base is now much tighter to the temple itself.

After cutting down the base, I applied various layers of Vallejo Slimy Grime, both dark and light, and the Moss and Lichen effect. It was initially applied in thinned coats by brush, but then I sponged on some coats at the end.

I also added some moss growing along the base. To do this, I took some flock and mixed it with PVA glue and applied the paste the places where moss would grow. When that was dry, I painted and drybrushed it with various greens. Since this is a fantasy piece, I did go for some brighter colors than I would normally.

The only interesting part of the original was the altar. That was largely left untouched (but I need to remove that loose static grass!). I also filled the cracks with Woodland Scenics Water Effects with a little green ink mixed in.

I also finished a couple of bases of half-finished woods. I finally got around to buying a few more K&M trees so I could call these pieces done!


  1. The alter looks fantastic Andrew! Big bases are a pain, I agree.

    More terrain options are always needed in our hobby.

    Cool :)

    1. Thanks, I probably had enough cut offs to base several more pieces of terrain 😂

  2. Nicely done. I went for a mossed-up look for my set too but left the pieces off the base due to the bulk of storage. What height are those K&M trees?

    1. The trees themselves are the 125mm trees. But I've cut the wire trunk short so I didn't have any sticking out of the tree trunk base.