Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Krunk and Smegmoos

Armed with a complete lack of conscience, the ability to squeeze the jelly out of a man's skull between only his thumb and forefinger...

What is there to say about Krunk the Barbarian? A legend in life, he was a mountain of muscle who could crush ten lesser beings with a single mighty blow of his magical great axe, Primrose. With oiled, rippling thews and a wanton disregard for personal space and property rights, Krunk wandered the empire and beyond shedding copious amounts of blood and amassing untold treasure that he threw away on bad dice, worse women, and truly atrocious booze as quickly as he amassed it. Thus armed with a complete lack of conscience, the ability to squeeze the jelly out of a man's skull between only his thumb and forefinger, and the brainpower of a toadstool, Krunk imposed himself upon the world. When Krunk arrived in Karr-Keel it looked like the perfect night to triple up on Ye Olde Combatte Burgers’ quad-patty meal and get into a couple of rousing bar fights. But, fortune didn't have Krunk's back on the Mayor's birthday, and the Necroburgher's curse hit just as he was ruthlessly pummeling the former occupants of his favorite table at the Westgate Ye Olde Combatte Burgers. Now, he wanders the ruins of Karr-Keel, a hulking form, rotting and even more mindless, forever seeking the thrill of combat and the mountain of burgers he never got to eat.

Ah, the penultimate post for the second wave of the Zombies of Karr-Keel! These two were a lot of fun to paint. For the flesh, I used the same grey recipe as the Mayor from the first batch; no need to repeat it here. And the rest of Krunk was pretty much just fur, leather, rust, and gore. But he was a great model to paint. Kev did an excellent job with him, there is just so much texture on the flesh. 

I got to have a lot of fun with Krunk's base, too. Krunk bares more than a passing resemblance to another large, probably dumb (not that you'd say it to his face) barbarian of Oldhammer lore. And as a result, I just imagined Krunk sitting in a tavern drinking and gambling when the Necroburgher's spell went off. Likely in the middle of flipping the table over because he thinks his opponent's cheating. And now he's forever stuck in this tavern reliving the end of his life. 

The base was a series of bass wood planks that I carved some extra grain into. It was based with GW Celestra grey and highlighted by adding in Vallejo Model Color Stone grey. Then I washed it with various dirty enamel washes. The broken mud is just a drilled out and cracked piece of clear acrylic rod, and the moldy ale is flock mixed with Vallejo Weathering Slime Green Light. The pile of gold coins are just plastic rod cut into pieces and painted first with an old Citadel metallic green and drybrushed with Vallejo Model Color Old Gold.

Smegmoos, the drummer, was a sight to see. Sweating and heaving, he walked alongside his brothers with a base drum strapped to his back, a snare set hanging to his front, and a cymbal hat on his head.

Not much more to add to Smegmoos. I matched his base to the Teamster's Cart as I imagine the marching band following behind the cart on it's daily journey. Overall, he was probably more fun to paint than Krunk though, with all his musical gear. In fact, I enjoyed him so much that I'm pretty sure he's going to get drafted in my Oldhammer zombie unit as their musician!


  1. Love them in all undead form! Excellent minis with great painting!

  2. They look bloody excellent Andrew! I love the rotted flesh look, you've really got it down pat now. :)

  3. The skin tones are bl00dy wicked. Liking the basswood base. I use the stuff to rake 6mm ACW rail fence. Think we have to import it here. I buy it from my local model railroad store.

  4. Great job! I've just got out my sets.