Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Interfectorem Vespa

Interfectorem Vespa blinked for the first time, clearing its birth ichor from its eyes. Now that its mechanical face was gone, it could finally see clearly, see in ways that had previously been forbidden to it. But with this new warp site, it could see new and delicious ways to destroy the enemies of the loving chaos and anarchy for which it longed...

This was a fun one! Although the whole batch of these were intended to be very "Blanchitsu," this particular titan was heavily inspired by a piece of art he did depicting an imperator class titan, at least regarding the color palette.

The chaosification, however, was more of a blend of things. The idea of the faces protruding from the armor was inspired by the poster for the movie "The Frighteners" (that I have never actually seen) and the bell just seemed very chaosy.

I also wanted to express the mutation that chaos titans go through, with the old head rotting off and a new, demonic head mutating out of its belly. This was my first ever attempt at sculpting a face. I figured I had a lot of wiggle room to screw up since it was intended to be misshapen and hideous anyway. I followed Tom Mason's excellent youtube tutorial. Cables were added to give it a half living, half mechanical look.

I do regret adding the horns, I thought they'd be very chaos but I wasn't happy with how they looked when attached. As a result, I covered up a lot of the joints with scabs to give the appearance that the horns were growing out of the head.

Painting was pretty easy. The metals were sprayed with Scale 75 Trash Metal and then covered in various oil and enamel washes to make it look old and gross. After that was applied and cleaned, I dry brushed the metal with Mr. Hobby Chrome Silver Metal Color, which is a buffable metallic paint (more to come on that in a future post. It was then, shockingly I am sure, buffed very shiny so that the metals would go from very dark almost black to a super high sheen.

The yellow metallics were Contrast Iyaden Yellow over the Scale 75 Trash Metal base and then Contrast Plague Bearer flesh on top of that, with various other Contrast greens slapped into the recesses.

Like all the other titans, he was also painted with all the weapon options available to me. The yellow-white armor was primed with GW Wraithbone Spray and covered in Contrast Nazdreg Yellow. While that was still wet, I sloshed on some Contrast Snakebite Leather in the lower portions, letting the two mix on their own.

Once the contrast paint dried, I mixed some Wraithbone and Nazdreg Yellow and sponged it all over the armor plates and the did the same with pure, but thinned, Wraithbone. I wanted it thin enough to give the appearance of texture without actually giving texture.

The ghosts were painted with white and then carefully lined with Contrast Akhelian Green, followed by any necessary clean up.


  1. Wow. This is totally jaw dropping. I love the whole conpcet and how you turned it into something real. It's truly fantastic!!