Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sordidum Mala

The one known as Sordidum Mala stood before the walls of the imperial palace, its giant eye, where no eye should be (for it was machine not man), weeping for the horrors it had seen. But the malevolent  thing that now resided in it cared not for those horrors because it was interested in one thing -- death. 

Of all the titans in the maniple, the reaver was probably the most fun and the easiest to paint. But before painting, I had to work on the giant eye I wanted on the carapace. Then I saw a model from a guy on the Hobby Hangout with a similar eye on a banner, but the eye was chained open. So yoink!

The finished eye.

Early stages of the sculpting
The eye itself was pretty easy to sculpt, it was the finishing touches that proved more dificult. I had never sculpted chain before, so that was a bit of an experience. It came out okay and I only had enough space to put them on the top lid. I also added some cheap fake eye lashes I picked up from Walmart. This did two things, it made the eye look more realistic and it his imperfections in the lids!

The only other real conversion was using the giant skull from GW's skull box as a head. That required a little work to remove the ball joint from the back of the reaver head and put it on the skull, which was too large to just fit into the neck.

The metallic portions were painted with Scale 75 thrash metal, since it has a brown tint to it and then slathered with all kinds of brown and orange oils and enamel washes. I applied some wet on wet so they would mix on the model, others I applied over dry, and often using the same color with both processes. After a little cleanup, the metals looked sufficiently gross.

The armor plates were even easier, they were painted with Vallejo Model Color Stone Grey and streaking was added with Ammo Streaking Grime and Dark Brown Wash. The top armor was painted in a similar manner, but with GW Rakarth Flesh and glazed with Guilliman Flesh prior to the streaking. The tear from the eye is just a little blue ink mixed with water effects, which I also placed straight beading down the carapace to look like sweat. Finally, the chaos icons were painted with red and black oils and the immediately stippled over with white spirits to resembled bloody daubing.