Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Hired Help

What a waste of money they turned out to be. After Johann was made mayor, Joe brought it the nastiest members of his clan to run security. He couldn't risk his meal ticket being hurt in anyway. After they let him down, Joe punished them with the same spells he used on the dumber members of his family and cursed them to serve him in death.

Bruce Richard Kennedy was born in Altdorf, the son of a nurse and a political agitator. Bored with working as an apprentice, he joined one of Altdorf's many street gangs. Bruce's cunning helped him quickly rise up the ranks and, eventually, even to run the gang. It was then that he made his name in the criminal world by pulling off the largest ship heist in Imperial history. Bruce and his gang absconded with 2.6 million Karls from a Royal ship docked in the Altdorf ports. It was even said that he fled to Lustria with his ill-gotten gains until Old Joe called him back home.

Landru Kennedy was born in the heart of Bretonnia. He had a rather boring childhood. It was upon adulthood that Landru's criminal ambitions came into their own. Landru was something of a smooth talker, and despite his lack of conventional good looks, was able to do quite well with the ladies. Landru would move to a small Bretonnian village and find a woman to marry. Once married, said woman would "disappear" or have a "mysterious" accident and Landru would inherit all her wealth. Then Landru would move on to another village. After about the fifteenth or so time, national authorities were starting to sniff around. Thankfully for Landru, that's when cousin Joe ordered him to come to the Empire.

Erik the Kennedy came from even farther away, specifically the cold lands of Norsca. During a heated debate over property lines, Erik slew his neighbor. Thanks to some helpful circumstances, Erik was merely banished instead of hanged. This banishment was a blessing in disguise for young Erik, however, as he found his true calling: exploring! Oh, and killing and robbing the inhabitants of those lands he discovered. After all, if there were people already there, he couldn't claim to have discovered it, right?

El Guapo Kennedy hailed from Estalia. Like his cousin, Bruce Richard, El Guapo joined a gang early on. Unlike his other cousin, Landru, El Guapo did possess conventional good looks, which is how he earned his nickname. El Guapo also possessed a common Kennedy trait, a need for power. As a result he too rose to power within his gang by becoming very good at trafficking mandrake root and black lotus that were in high demand within Estalia's burgeoning nuevo rico. In fact, this expertise was why he was so keen to answer Uncle Joe's call as he saw untapped potential to expand his criminal organization into the Empire.

Sawney Kennedy was the final, and most depraved, member of the Kennedy security team. Living in the mountains of Albion, Sawney and his clan shunned the villages and hid in caves. They lived as highway robbers. But they took more than the money of their victims. After all, a man's gotta eat!

Another batch of Karr-Keel zombies painted for my own army. These were all done with contrast paints, nothing special. And their addition gives me a thousand point oldhammer undead army.