Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The (Undead) Kennedys

Old man Joe knew his boy Johann was going to be his ticket to power. Joe had him educated in all the most prestigious boarding schools the Empire had to offer. He even captained the snotball team at Altdorf University where Joe had to pretend to care and even bought one of those stupid "We're #1" gloves. After graduating with honors, Johann boy even did a stint in the Imperial Navy where he captained a small patrol while raiding some villages in the far east. 

Everything went sour though, on that parade Johann had. See, Joe had to make some deals with some of the seedier elements in town to help sway Johann's mayoral campaign. But then, Johann and Rupert didn't seem to care who they owed. Instead, Johann took to the ladies while Rupert actually started trying to arrest those same people that Joe owed! And that's why Johann took a crossbow bolt to the face.

Old Joe tried to use all his magics to save him. He burned through every expensive ingredient while making Rupert exhaust himself in support. But all Joe could do was raise a shambling corpse. Things go even worse after Rupert was also murdered. Rupert wasn't Johann, and therefore wasn't important, so Joe has his corpse thrown into the town dump. After having put forth his blood, sweat, and tears trying to raise Johann, Rupert's soul was enraged when he saw that his father didn't even come to claim his own body. With this rage, Rupert was born anew, as a wraith intent on haunting his father for all eternity.

After a sneak peak in last week's blog, here is old man Kennedy himself, and his two sons. They were all painted mostly with contrast paints. All three models were primed with brown followed by a zenital coat of Wraithbone from an airbrush.

For old Joe, I tried to create a distinction between his shirt and his robe, using the bluer Space Wolf grey and the jerkin and greyer Basilicum grey on the robe. It didn't work out as well as I had hoped. But he is a necromancer, so he was goth before it was cool. 

The flesh was Guilliman Flesh and the staff was Magos Purple. The leathers were just various cotnrast browns. And his big pointing finger (what was the sculptor going for there???) was Flesh Tearers red. In all cases, highlights were applied by mixing in Wraithbone or Grey Seer into the original contrast paint.

Rupert, the wraith and Johann, the mummy were even easier to paint. The wraith's robes were Magos Purple with Shyish Purple painted into the deepest recesses and highlights applied by mixing in Wraithbone. The white hood was Aggros Dunes and then Basilicanum Grey both painted only into the folds.

Basilicanum was also applied to the scythe's handle, with Wraithbone used to pick out some highlights.

Johann was painted much the same as the white hood, except that the contrast paints were basically applied all over and then the robes where edge highlighted after. His little bits of flesh were done with Plague Bearer Flesh and then Militarum green to make it look a little more rotten.


  1. Nice work, pretty effective. Old Joe looks particularly awesome, I love all of them.

  2. Great work. I have found myself using more and more of the contrast paints, too. They make short work of the tedious basecoating process, allowing more time to enjoy highlighting etc

    1. Thanks! I've found them to be super fun to use, I'm enjoying painting with them way more than I thought I would.