Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Harakka, Dwarf Warrior

Harakka marched into the bandit's camp. As a follower of elgra-thrynaz, he was here to make mischief. But like any good follower of this path, he sowed the seeds of his trouble-making long before making himself known to the bandits. First, he loosed their horses. Then, he snuck into their supplies and dispersed their food. Finally, he helped himself to their treasure. Oh, and the booby-traps. You can't forget the booby-traps. But now that this heavily armed and armored dwarf made himself known, the real fun would begin...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Anglo-Danish Warlord

A.D. 1016. King Edmund had ere this gone out, and invaded the West-Saxons, who all submitted to him; and soon afterward he fought with the enemy at Pen near Gillingham. A second battle he fought, after midsummer, at Sherston; where much slaughter was made on either side, and the leaders themselves came together in the fight.[] 

Then collected he his force the third time, and went to London, all by north of the Thames, and so out through Clayhanger, and relieved the citizens, driving the enemy to their ships. It was within two nights after that the king went over at Brentford; where he fought with the enemy, and put them to flight: but there many of the English were drowned, from their own carelessness; who went before the main army with a design to plunder. 

After this the king went into Wessex, and collected his army; but the enemy soon returned to London, and beset the city without, and fought strongly against it both by water and land.

But the almighty God delivered them.

-The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Terrain Fixers

Giuseppe Alegari made it through the clearing, only to freeze in place. Piero, the explorer immediately behind him, clattered into him, but that did not budge Giuseppe. Piero looked up to see the remains of a ruined temple, covered in obscene runes that made his eyes hurt. Then he noticed that the altar was covered in blood. Fresh blood. "We should not be here," mumbled Piero quietly to Giuseppe. That was the last thing he ever said.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ya'ng'w, the King-Slicer

And behold, for I have come unto thee from distant shores, guided by the Gods supplicate at your feet. Although I have cloven the kings of Ind in twain, the gods have directed me to follow thine righteous path. For alone, I have driven the people of the East to pay tribute in the very gold used to forge mine armor and more. But the Gods have foretold that in your service, the whole world shall tremble for our might!
-Ya'ng'w, at the introduction to Shak'nar the Indomitable

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Zombies of Karr-Keel -- Grunhelda and Waddrup

Grunhelda Boogenhagen was a broom dealer on the west end of Market Street. New, used, and factory refurbished, Grunhelda sold all makes and models of brooms from her well-tended stall, and offered to those that could afford it her coveted bespoke broom-making and repair services. Neither rich nor powerful, she was closing up her stall to go and watch the Mayor's fireworks display when the Necroburgher's curse struck. Now a shambling corpse, Grunhelda wanders Karr-Keel collecting any brooms she happens upon as the town falls into ruin around her.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Crimson Fist

The invasion of Rynns World by the Ork Warlord Snagrod the Arch-arsonist of Charadon came as no surprise to anyone. In fact, Snagrod's eternal boasting about his conquest of the neighboring system of Badlanding had come to the attention of even Commander Pedro Cantor, Chapter Leader of the Crimson Fist Space Marines. But, in common with the rest of the population, the Marine leader had always maintained that, 'it couldn't happen here,' and that, 'no stinking little Ork Warlord was going to mess with the Crimson Fists.' In common with the rest of the population he was dead wrong. If Cantor had taken the Ork's threats a little more seriously things might have been different, if the planet's defenses had even been at full alert things would certainly have been different, and had the stray defence missile not fallen to the ground directly on top of the Marine's Arsenal things would have been very different indeed. For one thing, Cantor wouldn't be holed up from the night in a burnt out farm, waiting for an opportune moment to sneak into New Rynn City--the largest settlement on the world and the only one still in human hands. The Ork patrols had passed increasingly frequently as the surviving Marines approached the city, and it was inevitable that sooner or later they would have to fight.
-Rogue Trader, Battle at the Farm