Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Waz the Louse-House, a #MakeATrish Scavvy

Waz hunted through he much of the underhive. Something valuable had to be in here. Those fraggin' uphivers lived such a life of decadence that they could just trash things without even making sure it didn't work. "And they call us scum," he thought as he dug through the trash. Suddenly, he heard a noise. As quick as a cat, he grabbed his (t)rusty autogun and fired a couple of shots off in the direction of the noise. Quietly, he crept over to see what he hit. It was just a giant sump rat. Well, at least he had supper for the night...

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Bog-fiends of Zargon

We were exploring the dungeon, when suddenly the room filled up with mist; I don't know where it came from, we were in an underground labyrinth, for Taal's sake! Out of nowhere, old Johann screamed as he was cleaved in twain. The mist began to withdraw and there were these one-eyed demons attacking us. I ain't ashamed to admit it, but I ran in fear at the sight of them things, and it's the only reason I'm alive today!

-Otto Schmidt, ex-adventurer

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Eldar Farseer--A Christmas Present

If you're not familiar with the Hobby Hangout on Facebook (or if you're not even on Facebook), its a group for people to share their experiences with the model painting hobby; it isn't limited to miniature painting, but that's what most people share. They do a Christmas Mini Swap and this year I decided to join in. I like doing these kind of things periodically as it gives me a chance to try out some new things because I don't have to worry about it fitting in with an army. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Brother Kovačević of the Star Phantoms

Brother Kovačević quietly stalked the ruins of Badab Primaris; bolter always at the ready. He and his squad would make those bastard Astral Claws pay for their crimes against the Imperium. They had killed too many of his battle brothers to be avoid recompense in blood. In fact, Borther Kovačević fully intended to see the planet a wash in traitor blood...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Golden Legion Begins

The Adeptus Custodes forms the Emperor's inner guard whose duties are to serve and protect the Master of Mankind. A continuous rota ensures that there are always several hundred of these select warriors active within the palace, as well as a small elite of guardians who never leave the Emperor's side. Their uniforms are traditional but effective, leather breeches and boots wit a long black cloak over a naked torso. Their helmets are ancient works of art; all-enclosing and tall they impart a threatening, impersonal appearance as well as providing a battery of protective equipment and communicators. The weapons carried by these guards look very much like spears or spear-guns, but are in fact lasers built to resemble the traditional and symbolic guardian-spear which has long association with the Adeptus Custodes and which appears on their banners, badges and other regalia. The guards themselves never leave Earth, and only rarely leave the imperial palace where their duties lie - their place is by the Emperor's side.
-Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader, p. 139

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It's All Greek to Me

“And so a barrow to this hero was raised in that land, and there stands a token for men of later days to see, the trunk of a wild olive tree, such as ships are built of; and it flourishes with its green leaves a little below the Acherusian headland.”
― Apollonius of Rhodes, The Argonautica

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Angmoos and Melmoos--And Wave 2 is complete!

BAs the carts of the Imperial Teamsters Guild made their stately way through the streets of Karr-Keel, gathering up the birthday dead, they were accompanied by marching bands and other entertainers sponsored by the guild to keep the crowds of intoxicated revelers looking on the brighter side of life. Unlike the professional musicians who came to Karr-Keel to compete for the Mayor’s favor, the Teamsters’ marching bands were mismatched groups of baggers, loaders, and haulers with enough skill with their instruments to put together a rousing tune and the stamina to keep playing while moving about throughout the city. Bagpipes, drums, trumpets, mouth harps, they played at the same time, if not always together, and added to the air of revelry. Of all the Teamsters’ marching bands in Karr-Keel, the most popular was the Load Shifters. Known for their high energy, driving sound, and carefree physicality, the Load Shifters were three brothers, Angmoos, Melmoos, and Smegmoos. Angmoos, a bagpiper, was known for his silly hat, short kilt, and ability to play while body surfing. Melmoos, a trumpeter with big hands and a silky smooth voice, handed out strings of beads to partygoers who gave him articles of their clothing. Smegmoos, the drummer, was a sight to see. Sweating and heaving, he walked alongside his brothers with a bass drum strapped to his back, a snare set hanging to his front, and a cymbal hat on his head. Together, they crashed, banged, tooted, and squealed their way to the Great Fire, a wall of sonic insanity. Together still, they haunt the ruins of Karr-Keel, whipping the restless undead into a frenzy for yet another night of revelry.