Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Crimson Fist

The invasion of Rynns World by the Ork Warlord Snagrod the Arch-arsonist of Charadon came as no surprise to anyone. In fact, Snagrod's eternal boasting about his conquest of the neighboring system of Badlanding had come to the attention of even Commander Pedro Cantor, Chapter Leader of the Crimson Fist Space Marines. But, in common with the rest of the population, the Marine leader had always maintained that, 'it couldn't happen here,' and that, 'no stinking little Ork Warlord was going to mess with the Crimson Fists.' In common with the rest of the population he was dead wrong. If Cantor had taken the Ork's threats a little more seriously things might have been different, if the planet's defenses had even been at full alert things would certainly have been different, and had the stray defence missile not fallen to the ground directly on top of the Marine's Arsenal things would have been very different indeed. For one thing, Cantor wouldn't be holed up from the night in a burnt out farm, waiting for an opportune moment to sneak into New Rynn City--the largest settlement on the world and the only one still in human hands. The Ork patrols had passed increasingly frequently as the surviving Marines approached the city, and it was inevitable that sooner or later they would have to fight.
-Rogue Trader, Battle at the Farm

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Answer to the Norman Conundrum, or Crusaders!

But Bohemund, powerful in battle, who was engaged in the siege of Amalfi on the sea of Salerno, heard that a countless host of Christians from among the Franks had come to go to the Sepulcher of the Lord, and that they were prepared for battle against the pagan horde. He then began to inquire closely what fighting arms these people bore, and what sign of Christ they carried on the way, or what battle-cry they shouted. The following replies were made to him in order: "They bear arms suitable for battle; on the right shoulder, or between both shoulders, they wear the cross of Christ; the cry, 'God wills it! God wills it ! God wills it !' they shout in truth with one voice." Moved straightway by the Holy Spirit, he ordered the most precious cloak which he had with him cut to pieces, and straightway he had the whole of it made into crosses. Thereupon, most of the knights engaged in that siege rushed eagerly to him, so that Count Roger remained almost alone.

Returning again to his own land, Lord Bohemund diligently prepared himself to undertake in true earnest the journey to the Holy Sepulcher. At length, he crossed the sea with his army. With him were Tancred, son of Marchisus, Richard of Principati, and Rainulf, his brother, Robert of Anse, Herman of Cannae, Robert of Surda Valley, Robert, son of Tostanus, Hunfred, son of Raoul, Richard, son of Count Rainulf, the Count of Roscignoio, with his brothers, Boellus of Chartres, Albered of Cagnano, and Hunfred of Mt. Scaglioso. All of these crossed the sea to do service for Bohemund and landed in the region of Bulgaria, where they found a very great abundance of grain, wine, and bodily nourishment. Thence descending into the valley of Andronopoli, they waited for his forces, until all had likewise crossed the sea. Then the wise Bohemund ordered a council with his people, comforting and admonishing all (with these words): "Seignors, take heed all of you, for we are pilgrims of God. We ought, therefore, to be better and more humble than before. Do not plunder this land, since it belongs to Christians, and let no one, at the cost of blessing, take more than he needs to eat."
-Excerpt from the Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Stephen Joannes, Apprentice to the Stitcher

"Blah, blah, blah, there goes the old gas-bag again" thought Stephen as he ignored the Stitcher ranting about something or other. "Will he ever shut up? I swear, once I've finally learned enough from him, his old corpse will be my servant in my pleasure den..."

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Mad One, Håkon's Champion

Håkon is guarded by a crazed berserker who is fiercely loyal to him. No one knows what has earned such strong loyalty. But he never leaves Håkon's side except to slay those who get too close. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Estallian Peacock

So there I was standing before the largest giant in all of Estalia and I says to him, to him I says, "surrender now, or I'll chop ye' down to my size!" Now, of course, giants aren't the brightest knife in the drawer so he didnae surrender when 'e 'ad the chance. So I pulls out my trusty axe and went ta work...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hrolf and Snorre Ulfson

Amongst his most fearsome troops were the brothers Ulfson. Some say their father was actually a wolf. If you asked them about their parentage, they would give a sly smile and tell you it was they were only half brothers, for Geri was Hrolf's father while Freki was Snorre's father! 

Hrolf was the larger of the brothers; resplendent with his blond locks and beard and weilding a giant hammer in battle. His brother Snorre had to be quicker since he could not rely on his brother's strength. Thus, he carried his sword Neck-Cleaver along with a stout shield for protection.

In battle, the two always fought together, often singing as they hacked through enemy soldiers.

-Excerpt from the Saga of Alfarinn the War-Maker

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Iron Warriors Warp Talon

When a pack of Warp Talons emerges from the Warp, it appears to those on the battlefield below as if daemonic warriors have literally burst out from nothingness into fiery, vengeful life.