Friday, November 24, 2023

So You Want to Buy an Airbrush?

I am a constant fidgeter, so I'm scrolling through Facebook and forums a lot just to do something with my hands. And I see a lot of people wanting to get started with airbrushing asking the same questions. With me being the know-it-all that I am, I repeat the same answers pretty frequently but always off the cuff and always missing something of value. So I have decided to collect my thoughts all in one place so that I don't leave anything out next time!
Figure 2 from the US Patent on the first internal mix airbrush

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Hired Help

What a waste of money they turned out to be. After Johann was made mayor, Joe brought it the nastiest members of his clan to run security. He couldn't risk his meal ticket being hurt in anyway. After they let him down, Joe punished them with the same spells he used on the dumber members of his family and cursed them to serve him in death.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The (Undead) Kennedys

Old man Joe knew his boy Johann was going to be his ticket to power. Joe had him educated in all the most prestigious boarding schools the Empire had to offer. He even captained the snotball team at Altdorf University where Joe had to pretend to care and even bought one of those stupid "We're #1" gloves. After graduating with honors, Johann boy even did a stint in the Imperial Navy where he captained a small patrol while raiding some villages in the far east. 

Everything went sour though, on that parade Johann had. See, Joe had to make some deals with some of the seedier elements in town to help sway Johann's mayoral campaign. But then, Johann and Rupert didn't seem to care who they owed. Instead, Johann took to the ladies while Rupert actually started trying to arrest those same people that Joe owed! And that's why Johann took a crossbow bolt to the face.

Old Joe tried to use all his magics to save him. He burned through every expensive ingredient while making Rupert exhaust himself in support. But all Joe could do was raise a shambling corpse. Things go even worse after Rupert was also murdered. Rupert wasn't Johann, and therefore wasn't important, so Joe has his corpse thrown into the town dump. After having put forth his blood, sweat, and tears trying to raise Johann, Rupert's soul was enraged when he saw that his father didn't even come to claim his own body. With this rage, Rupert was born anew, as a wraith intent on haunting his father for all eternity.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Fun with Backdrops

So a short post this week, but this has been one I've been wanting to publish for awhile. For a proper Oldhammer photograph, you need a proper old school backdrop!

Ol' Joe Kennedy and his boys

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Contrast Chaos

Shak'nar knew he had the favor of the gods as another warrior wandered from the chaos wastes to join his band. Clearly the gods were blessing him with more followers as a reward for his magnificence. His band of loyal marauders had already taken the skulls of Hezvax the slimy and debauched themselves upon the warband of Abagor Buldadred. It was only a matter of time before he controlled the greatest army in all the chaos wastes!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Thief in Sensible Shoes

Many years ago, the Great Enchanter Drachenfels was defeated by brave adventurers. Now, playwright Detlef Sierck plans a production showing these events – at the site of the necromancer's death. But the dead do not rest easy…
-Drachenfels, Black Library 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Interfectorem Vespa

Interfectorem Vespa blinked for the first time, clearing its birth ichor from its eyes. Now that its mechanical face was gone, it could finally see clearly, see in ways that had previously been forbidden to it. But with this new warp site, it could see new and delicious ways to destroy the enemies of the loving chaos and anarchy for which it longed...