Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ha-kell Yday, Spawn of Chaos

"Many moons ago, there was a great warlord, Ha-kell Yday, who united the tribes. He was a strong and powerful fighter who vanquished all his foes. He also possessed a tongue of silver, winning many converts through his oratory. But he coveted more power. More power than any single god could give him. So Ha-kell hatched a plan. First, he sold his soul to the Taker of Skulls for battle prowess. Then, he again sold his soul to the Plague Bringer for the resilience to absorb an blow. After that, he sealed another pact for his soul to She Who Thirsts for the quickness of the snake. Ha-kell was greedy and again attempted to barter his soul to the Great Conspirator. But the Great Conspirator was not fooled and knew that Ha-kell was duplicitous. And he told his brothers of Ha-kell's ruse. Together, they cursed Ha-kell for his vanity and his lies. The Gods mutated his flesh, causing it stretch and rip as his body transformed into a monster. Bones sprung from his back and wings sprouted from his shoulders. And to mock his hunger for power, hungry maws sprouted from body. Maws that must feed constantly. Then the Gods banished Ha-kell to wander the nine realms for all of eternity."
-Campfire tale of the Tahmak Marauders

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Oldhammer in the Jerz

Another Oldhammer Day in the books!  A big thanks to Nigel for arranging several days of oldhammer fun in New Jersey. What better place to play a post apocalyptic game like Rogue Trader than a post apocalyptic wasteland like New Jersey? Unfortunately, I didn't get to head up until Saturday morning and arriving around lunch time.

Oldhammer Music to get me in the mood.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day of the Dead

"See boy, with the power over death, you do not need to force people to work for you against their will. When they're forced, they plot against you. But when they're mindless automata, they don't care!" cackled the old mad man. But his assistant took the point well, he was more comfortable around the dead anyway...

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Immaterium Sargassum

Deep within The Warp there is pocket of stability. Named the Immaterium Sargassum by the first explorers to find it millennia ago, this giant swirling vortex within the currents of the Empyrean has collected bits of debris that have chanced by. Over the tens of thousands of years that ships from realspace have traveled the warp, everything from giant fortress ships down to single-occupant shuttlecraft, even the dust and debris that they left behind has entered the Sargassum and never left.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Okay, I think I said no more terrain for a little bit, but I lied. I had originally intended to build an outhouse because I thought that would be fun. But then I decided I wanted to test out some Liquitex Stucco gel. And who has ever heard of a stuccoed outhouse? So instead I grabbed the gatehouse that came with the old (sadly, out of production) Citadel Watchtower. I slathered the stucco over the model and after it was try, set to painting it. The it was painted off-white and initially washed with some heavily thinned Bronzed Flesh. I then applied various washes and dry brushes. I'm reasonably happy with it, but Blue in Vermont has achieved much better results than I did!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Ignea Mortis

"Shine that light over here, Hemlut" whispered the Blacksmith in his gravely voice. Helmut did so, allowing his compatriots to find where the ground was softest; indicating a newly laid body. "I can never tell when he's angry with that voice of his" though Helmut as he did so. "This one's brand new, that crazy ol' loon'll pay good coin for this one," the masked man said in hushed tones. "Dig him up, boys, we've gots works to do!"