Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Going a viking

Sven loaded up the longship with the rest of the crew. Hopefully this year's raids would be as successful as last years. He was able to use all the silver he acquired from his share of the Danegeld to buy a herd of sheep for the farm. With their wool, surviving the harsh Scandinavian winters was just a little bit easier.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Stiggaz Stikspit, Boss o da gits

"Oi, 'u lot! Git ova der! Nows, like!" shouted Stiggaz. These boys wouldn't know what to do if the Bad Moon itself gave them orders, he thought. But being dumb has its advantages too, if they're dumb they don't realize they can talk back to you or, even more importantly, stab you in the back! But dumb or not, he had a battle to win, and that mob better be where he needs or or he'd have to bash their head himself.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Valrak Skull Bearer, Favored of Khorne

Valrak Skull Bearer stalked the frozen wastes looking for more to slay in honor of his majesty Khorne. Unfortunatly, the realm of Shyish was full of the aready-dead, and their skulls did not provide the same satisfaction on the skull throne. He had been following the warband of Felvryrk the Abandoned for a few months now, hoping that their size would draw out foes to slay. But if they did not find some other victims soon, well, maybe his compatriots would have to suffice.