Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Scabnose the Zombie

Scabnose has been on a scouting mission around the burgh of Mittelmark when Necroburgher's curse was unleashed and was damned just the same as the town's residents. Goblin brains, however, are not as advanced as other inhabitants of the old world. So when Scabnose returned to the goblin encampment, well, no one really noticed. A zombie goblin doesn't smell any worse than a regular goblin, nor are they any less intelligent (a sad indictment on the intelligence of goblins in general). Sure, he talked less than he used to, but who really wanted to hear him talk anyway? So with no good information to pass on, since Scabnose could only repeat "brains...," the goblin encampment moved on and took Scabnose with them.