Thursday, August 24, 2017

Check out Initiative Magazine issue 8!

So back at the beginning of the year, I was asked to write an article about Oldhammer for Initiative Magazine, a gaming magazine from the publishers of Figure Painter Magazine.  Well, it's out now and available here! Go check it out, it's easily worth the few quids, or whatever those silly English Kniggits call their currency. Not just for my article, but there are some great pictures of Iain Aitken's dwarfs and a great terrain article too!

So that this entire blog post isn't shilling a magazine, I've finally got my hobby area back and have been doing a little paining, including the wonderful zombie cart for the Zombies of Karr-keel. I'm also hoping to sit down early next week and take a ton of photos for this blog, including some older stuff that I never got around to photographing very well.

But back to shilling, go check out Initiative Magazine Issue 8 now!