Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Night Gobbos Assemble!

"Ere now! Wot do you think you're doin'?" bellowed the big Black Orc Boss. Furtive Goblin faces turned round and flinched instinctively. 

"Nuffink Boss, just 'aving a bit of grub is all," whimpered the bravest of the greenskins.

"Don't give me that. Yer up to sumfink..." The towering Orc looked around suspiciously. "Where's Ratgash? You 'aven't et im?" There was a shocked silence.

"Et Ratgash," the Goblin sounded hurt. "'Et Ratgash. That's disgustin' Boss. E's one of us ladz."

"Besides," squeaked another greenskin "'E's all grease and gristle 'im. Give us all innagestion e' would." 

"Then who is this then?" The Black Orc pointed a damning claw towards the meal. "And none of yer lies or I'll give yer sumfink a whole lot worse than innagestion."

"er... Gitter, Boss. One of Maggot's lot. But 'e was dead when we found 'im." The Goblin paused a moment. "Course 'e claimed 'e was just sleepin'...but that lots is all liars ain't they." The Goblins nodded reassuringly on this point. No Goblin really trusted another, and with good reason.

"Well that's all right then," pronounced the Black Orc. "Carry on. And you'll save me a leg if you know what's good for you."

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ultramarine Lieutenant Calsius

Lucian Calsius is a Lieutenant in the Ultramarines Chapter's 2nd Company and a veteran of the Indomitus Crusade, where he received his current rank. Due to being a relative newcomer to his Chapter, Calsius works hard to earn the respect of his Battle Brothers and has displayed bravery and wisdom in numerous battles. Besides the Indomitus Crusade, Calsius has also taken part in the Plague Wars and defeated an Ork attack on the Agri World Nova Thulium. His celebrated victory there, including personally killing the Warboss Guttrekk, proved to be the turning point that allowed the Imperium's forces to defeat an Ork invasion of the Realm of Ultramar's eastern flank.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fun with Contrast Paints

So it has been quite a few months now since GW released the new Contrast Line of paints. And I have been playing around wiht them for a little while now. So here are some of my experiments. I find they are great on certain types of models, namely most historical models, skaven, genestealer cults, and other models with a ton of texture. I've had less luck with them on things that lack any texture. I've also found them great for weathering and through an airbrush.