Thursday, September 15, 2016

Welcome to my new (only?) blog! I used to keep a running project log on Warseer with photos of the models I've painted. Since Warseer is dead now, I decided it was time to create a blog. This also puts the pressure on me to take photos more than three times a year! This week I took lots of photos that I'm going to slowly release over the next week or so, so it looks like I actually update my blog! Until then, here's a teaser of a mostly completed Chaos knight:

And if you want to peruse my older stuff, it's all available here: My Photobucket Gallery


  1. Splendid job on this guy and so very glad to see you setting up a bog. I hope it will prove as motivating for you as it is for many of us so all my congratulations !

    1. Thanks! So far, it has made me think more about the story behind the models. On warseer, people might have just looked at a thread to see pictures, but no one is going to your blog just to look at pictures without something else.

  2. Hey now, you done did gone and blogged all over the place. Welcome to the blogosphere, and way to make an entrance with such wonderful paint work. Nice one :D now do more.

  3. Done! Just posted some hobgoblins!

  4. Done! Just posted some hobgoblins!