Monday, September 19, 2016

A-Case Review

So I've been promising to do a review on the A-Case (formerly Feldmaster) for months now, but various things have gotten in the way, so now I can shill it on my new blog!

I picked up the A-Case ( for my epic armies. I wanted something that was reasonably small and had magnetic trays. And to top it off, I am way to lazy to build something myself. I had seen their indiegogo campaign shared somewhere, maybe Facebook or Bell of Lost Souls, and bookmarked it and forgotten about it.  Getting a case for my epic was on a backburner. Then I took everything to an event in the tacklebox set up I had only to see how much my models were smashing around on each other. After that, I began seriously researching magnetic tray carrying cases. It came down to this and the Tablewar small case. I went with the A-Case for two reasons: I dislike hard cases and the Tabelwar tray system required more effort to think about that I wanted to deal with (like I said, I'm lazy!).

First thing to mention, I ordered this on a Sunday, mid afternoon EST. The owner responded almost immediately. I'm not sure the exact time difference, but it was way later than any normal person should be working on a Sunday night. It arrived from Poland to the USA by Wednesday. I can't get domestic mail delivered that quickly! In other words, the customer service is great.

Once it arrived, I was able to assemble it pretty quickly, it has a neat system where the metal frame goes together without any fasteners, it's held together by the bag (I'm an engineer, I nerd out for stuff like that). Once assembled, the models are simply placed on the metal tray and stay with magnets in their bases. Pretty simple.

There are several videos already online showing people doing dangerous things with their cases to show how sturdy it is. I'm not doing that. I trust the case, but I am still not willing to risk damaging my models! If you want to see those, they're not hard to find. But, I did take pictures of all the epic models I can fit into it.

Here is the case, fully loaded:
One of the best things about it, that you may not be able to notice from the above picture is that each tray has three sides that are folded so it slides into the tracks. I have the top two trays with the fold down, while the bottom tray has the fold up, that's to give me a few extra millimeters in height for the titans. 

Below are pictures of the three trays individually so you can see how much I fit on them. The epic infantry is on the standard 40mmx10mm, the vehicles are on 20mm square or circle bases depending, bikes are on Warmaster bases at 40mmx20mm. The planes and titans are all on specialty bases.

I don't have an exact total of the points (again, the laziness thing) but I'd estimate that to be around 10,000 points or so of epic. That's quite a lot and much larger than most games. 

So, because this is for my epic, it leads to my one and only criticism of the case, I would love for there to be additional sliders for an extra tray or three. I understand that most people are probably using these for skirmish level games and need the height, so I get why there are only three trays, but I still really wish I could fit even more epic in it (because there are always more models)!

Anyway, if you need a case with magnetic trays, I highly recommend the A-Case. 

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