Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spurot Vilebound, Nurgle Sorcerer

"Papa Nurgle has smiled upon me," thought Spurot. "He granted me the buboes that wiped out Fluginheim. And he gave me the pestilence that destroyed Blinkenhelm. And who could forget the infections that doomed Honkenbraken? But those, those were just one horse villages. Now Papa Nurgle has given me the chance to invade the Empire and unleash his deadliest plagues there!"

Much like the Nurgle Warriors I recently posted, this Nurgle Sorcerer was designed for a 7th edition Warhammer chaos army. However, unlike the warriors, there was no meta considered when adding him to my army. I just think this model is great.

As far as painting him, he was painted really quickly because he's a pretty simple model. I don't recall the base mix of the black, but I do remember I highlighted it by mixing in Nurgling Green. The brown was scorched brown, highlighted up to Bestial Brown and then Mornfang Brown. The staff was P3 Bastion grey highlighted up with Bleached Bone. The flesh was Knarloc Green also highlighted by mixing in Nurgling Green. The maggots began with Nurgling Green, washed with a green and brown mix, and highlighted by mixing in Vallejo off white (I forget the exact name, doh!).

This was where the real fun began though. I used a greenstuff cable maker to make a giant maggot sliding out of the ground. Then I mixed Uhuh glue and Nurgle's Rot and quickly stretched it across the staff and the giant maggot and glopped on some more around the skulls on the staff. This was a hugely fun model to paint.


  1. I like this model. The maggot and snot really add to it.

  2. More Nurgle... good!

    I too am a big fan of this mini. No idea why I never bought one?

    Love the colour scheme and like Sean, feel that the addition of the snot/slime/gunk is very appropriate!

  3. Great work on a great model, Andrew. I particularly like the work you did on the scrolls.

  4. Thanks all three of you. The maggot and slime was the most fun part!

    I'm reasonably happy with the scrolls, but the paint job on the scrolls of studio version put mine to shame 😂