Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Beware the Bogs of Ottersricht!

-Heard from the bogs at night

"Here we go boys, another mutant paid his tax!" exclaimed Konrad as he tossed another mutant head onto the skiff. They had been hunting through the bog all day and their tally was seven mutants' taxed. The Monocrat would be pleased. There seemed to be an upswing in attacks of late. But the Tallymen would continue to trudge shin deep in muck to collect the tax and to keep the citizens of Ottersricht safe.

I apologize for the lack of a blog post last week. Between the holiday craziness and the blessing of Nurgle one of my children brought into the house, I wasn't up for it.

This nameless mutant is the one of the many denizens that inhabits the bogs at the edge of Ottersricht. Clearly touched by the stuff of chaos, he (she? it?) scavenges every meal, often relying on carrion to eke out a meager survival. And constantly on guard from the threat of the Tallyman and his soldiers. The life of a mutant is not a pleasant one. But something disturbing has been noticed. The mutants of the bogs have been acting with a unified purpose of late. As if someone, or something, was able to control the dull-witted mutants into acting with towards a singular goal. This cannot be a good sign for the people of Ottersricht.

I had not initially wanted to post this model by himself, as I had wanted to finish up a few more and show them off as a group. I even have two more half converted. However, my limited painting time has put a squash on that plan. I was so excited to paint him that I also forgot my rule for painting Ottersricht models of practicing my layering techniques and started slapping paint on him!

He's built from a ghoul body and a beastman head, with fur sculpted around the neck joint. The tentacles are, of course, greenstuff. As a proof of concept, he is the only one that will get a goat head. The rest will get a variety of other types of heads as I have always been unsatisfied with the way GW only depict mutants now with goat heads. My mind harkens back to the days of the Realms of Chaos books and WFRP mutants that were drawn with a variety of bizarre heads. I also feel that the hunched over nature of the ghoul torsos more accurately embodies the malformed nature of mutants in the Warhammer universe (both new and old). I've mounted him, as I will the rest of his compatriots, on the Secret Weapon Miniatures Swamp bases. For the water, I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water that I've premixed with various blues, browns, and greens and stored in some dropper bottles. I know I keep refering to the "bogs" but I've modeled a swamp. Truth be told, other than a few pictures online and a wikipedia article, I have no real idea what a bog is. But it sure sounds like a swamp but spookier!

The swamp in all it's glory


  1. Very creepy. I like his thong too. ;) A very modest mutant.

    1. Lol, yea. I didn't understand what GW sculpted those on the ghoul bodies. Eating rotting corpses? Acceptable. Not covering up your dangly bits? Unacceptable!

  2. GW just wants to emulate the hypocritical supposed conservative values of hollywood by saying hell no to sexuality but okies on hyper violence.

    But i digress.

    Completely agree on your opinion on mutants. The old designs were far more interesting and believable.

    This one all hunched over is a beaut. Thought those tentacles were a plastic bit until i read they were made of greenstuff.

    1. Hmmm.... Maybe I'll need to remove the loincloth on the next one and add his unmentionables 😂

      To be honest, they could have gotten away with just putting nothing there. I'm pretty sure ghouls don't have any need for sex organs. Not like there are any female ghouls any way!

  3. Great looking build, my compliments!
    Those ghouls really are a goldmine for conversions.

    1. Thanks! They really are. I've got a couple more planned 😂