Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ya'ng'w, the King-Slicer

And behold, for I have come unto thee from distant shores, guided by the Gods supplicate at your feet. Although I have cloven the kings of Ind in twain, the gods have directed me to follow thine righteous path. For alone, I have driven the people of the East to pay tribute in the very gold used to forge mine armor and more. But the Gods have foretold that in your service, the whole world shall tremble for our might!
-Ya'ng'w, at the introduction to Shak'nar the Indomitable

Another minion added to the warband of Shak'nar the Indomitable. But to let you in on a little secret, he wasn't painted because I felt the warband needed more members (although it does). He was painted because I bought the Scale 75 Gold Paint set and I wanted to try out the gold recipe they gave and because I am really, really thinking about buying some Adeptus Custodes.

I have also been attempting to up my metallic game in general and the sword on this model is quite large so it game me an opportunity to work on that. The gold armor makes up pretty much the entire model. It was based with Scale 75 Viking gold, with Dwarven Gold and then Elven Gold applied with the airbrush at progressively higher angles. I then applied Necro Gold from below, also with the airbrush. After that, it was brush highlihgted with Elven Gold and Peridot Alchemy. This was finished off with touches of Citrine Alchemy. This was where Scale 75's method stopped, but I wasn't happy with the level of contrast. So I took it further and added Scale 75 White Metal to the highlights and applied Agrax Earthshade Gloss into the deep cracks of the armor. I'm still not quite happy with it, but it'll do.

The sword was just done by mixing between Scale 75 Black Metal and Speed Metal with final highlights of White Metal and glazes of Abyssal Blue to shade. I think I got the proper look of the metallics on the sword. It's not as fancy as some of those top level painters, but it's a step in the right direction. And definitely the best I've done so far.

And since they're all part of the same warband, I also rebased the hobgoblins. I had not realized that hobgoblins originally came on 25mm bases as I was first introduced to them in 4th edition, when they came on 20mm bases. So now they've been properly based as well.


  1. I think he turned out great Andrew. The golden armour looks amazing. Well done :)

  2. Absolutely wonderful! He looks the business.

  3. :O
    Those metals are ace, both the gold on the armour and the whole sword!

  4. Looks awesome. I struggle with gold. Luckily, my models are poor so I don't have to paint it much :)

  5. So shiny mate, it's dazzling. Very nice.

    I have this fig somewhere, but 40k'd up after his swordblade snapped off and was consequently lost.Yet another one that "I really should paint someday...".

  6. The gold armor looks really good. Nice job upping your already substantial game.

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