Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Mud Demon of Ottersricht

"I thrive under pressure, go tough when it gets hot,
but when I have too much water, I'll kind of lose the plot,
Every snotty pig I see just rubs in my Face,
because I am underdog, and they think that they are ace!
My body gets sore, due to jumps and bumps galore."
-Czu'shrul Qogdand Clawkeeper, the thing in the bog

"I was minding my own business, hunting game in the marshes, when I stumbled upon this thing, with giant paws, lifting up the muck and slapping it all over itself. I dunno what it was, but it was happier than a pig in shit."
-Otto, local drunkard

I first came across this model when someone else posted it to the Old School Miniatures facebook page. I had never seen it before, but I immediately knew I needed one. Not only did the original poster inform me it was an old Nick Bibby C34 Demon, but he also sent me a link to an auction that had one at a pretty good price! See, the internet is sometimes a good place 🤣

The first time I saw him, I imagined this creature sitting in the mud just demoning it up, doing whatever it is that makes demons happy. So, in other words, I knew the situation I wanted him--in a big mud puddle. I based him the same way I based my plague marines, which worked out well since he's on an integral base. As I was going to paint him, Urion over at Madhouse Society posted pictures of a demon he'd just finished and it was absolutely the same color scheme and, most importantly, drab effect I was after. So of course, I quized him on how he got his effect, and stole it unapologetically. It started with Vallejo Model Color Camo Black Brown, highlighted by mixing in Vallejo Model Color Basic Skin Tone. Urion then applied further highlights using some Reaper Master Series paints, that I don't own, so I substituted GW Flayed One Flesh. The first few layers were applied with an airbrush, but the last few were with a brush. I also applied a wash made from the Camo Black Brown to bring back the depth. After painting the teeth, eyes, and claws, I also mixed some static grass with some Vallejo thick mud effects (the kind that is a paste) and plopped it on his head and splatter various shades of Vallejo Mud environmental effects (the kind that is a semi-liquid), like he's bathing himself in the muck.