Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Vilest Villains of Zargon

The dark shadow moved around the statue in the center of the room. It sprinkled a powder of some sort in strange patterns on the floor. Then it placed candles in seemingly random spots in the pattern. Once the candles were lit, it ceased to be a shadow, and instead became a hideous skull-thing. It continued its preparations and began chanting and moving in an unnatural fashion. Suddenly, the statue began to move...

The villains are finally finished. Although, the Warlock is not the original plastic one, I still have it. But I picked up a fan sculpt with a tab, which was much easier to remove than the integral base of the plastic model. Plus, he's metal which makes him more hefty and foreboding. 

The Warlock was a pretty simple model. He's tabard, flesh, gloves, boots, and helmet and most of these are pretty standard. But the two largest areas, the flesh and tabard, were difficult to choose a color scheme for. So many people have painted him to look like Skeletor that I wanted to avoid that at all costs. That said, I still wanted to a faded, etherial tones. For the flesh, I based him with GW Rakerth Flesh (I really love that shade!), and I mixed in Scale 75 African Shadow, which has nice purple tones to it. To highlight I used GW Pallid Wych Flesh. I'm really happy at how his flesh turned out. The blue was Alaitoc Blue and highlighted by adding in GW The Fang. The jewel on his helmet was Incubus Darkness highlighted by mixing in Sybarite Green. It was also given a layer of gloss varnish.

The Gargoyle was another model I wanted to buck the trend with. From what I've seen, most people just paint him like a Bloodthirster. Nothing in the fluff suggests the Gargoyle is actually a Bloodthirster, but he does look like one! So I decided to paint him mid-transformation, turning into a demon from the stone statute it was.

The paint job on him was pretty simple. I zenithally sprayed him with grays from my airbrush. After that, I applied very thin layers of GW Doombull Brown to parts of the flesh, centered around its face, as I figured that would be the first part to transform. After that, I mixed in GW Baneblade brown to pick up the highlights on the red flesh. 

After the red, I went back and applied a mix of GW Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade to the deepest recesses of the gray portions. After that dried, I washed all the gray portions with thinned Athonian Camoshade to give the statue a weathered look. Finally, the gold was painted with Scale 75 Negro Gold, which was highlighted with Peridot Alchemy and then White Alchemy, both from Scale 75. Finally, the other, little bits were finished, and the villains were done!


  1. The gem on the warlock's helmet is amazing. But the gargoyle is ace! Really interesting effect :)

  2. I really like your approach to the Gargoyle. It adds a lot of visual interest to the very plain sculpting on the wings.

    1. Thanks! I spent a while thinking about how to achieve that kind of result.