Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ain Dawison, Dwarf Adventurer

Ain Dawison was born in the World's Edge mountains. But at an early age, his father took his family halfway across the world to Albion to oversee a mining project. He spent his formative years growing up in the secretive isles of Albion and amongst the strange people who inhabited it. However, as he neared maturity, he began to be affected by the wanderlust that affects all settled people as they reach adulthood. So he left Albion to see the world. He eventually signed up with Malakai Makaisson and his Dwarfen Air Force (DAF), where he worked "security." His time in the DAF let him seek his fortune and fame, kill the bad guys, and meet plenty of Dwarfen ladies. Eventually, he did his tours and returned home to settle down. But once a Dwarf has a taste for adventure...

Not a long post today, but I wanted to show off another classic Oldhammer Dwarf. Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the Perry Dwarfs and I have many times professed my love of Aly and Trish Morrison's Dwarfs. But The Perry Norse Dwarfs/Dwarf Adventurers are the exception to this. I don't remember where I first saw someone else having painted this model, probably Facebook, but I immediately loved it!

And upon professing my love for it, Darkblade hooked me up with a spare he was getting rid of. Once I got him, I fell in love with all the little detail, such as his missing finger and his bollock pouch. I am really enjoying painting these oldhammer Dwarfs one at a time, instead of cranking out units that all conform together. I always imagine a Dwarfen throng to be much more individualistic than the regiments of the other civilized races and painting them individually lets me keep some overall features, like muted colors, but doesn't tie me to any particular scheme, so it fits in with that vision. Plus, it lets me create a back story for each one!


  1. Nice chap! I particularly like the work on the hair, I really suck at painting blonde hair and this looks perfect!

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty sure I this is based off of one of Darkblade's tutorials, but I couldn't find it 😳