Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Scabnose the Zombie

Scabnose has been on a scouting mission around the burgh of Mittelmark when Necroburgher's curse was unleashed and was damned just the same as the town's residents. Goblin brains, however, are not as advanced as other inhabitants of the old world. So when Scabnose returned to the goblin encampment, well, no one really noticed. A zombie goblin doesn't smell any worse than a regular goblin, nor are they any less intelligent (a sad indictment on the intelligence of goblins in general). Sure, he talked less than he used to, but who really wanted to hear him talk anyway? So with no good information to pass on, since Scabnose could only repeat "brains...," the goblin encampment moved on and took Scabnose with them.

Sorry for the delay, I was blessed by Nurgle--but back to blogging. Along with the zombie cavalry, Upstream House Games is including this awesome zombie goblin. And I have to say that he was one of the most fun models I have painted in a long, long time. In fact, he was such a joy to paint that I painted two of him at once.

For the "flesh," I followed JH Miniatures' method based on on Mengel's zombie method. You can watch that video here. In fact, go watch all his videos, he's a got one of the best painting YouTube channels that I've found. I highly recommend them. The only change I made was to insert a layer of GW Ogyrn Camo before the final highlight.

The rest of the model was largely painted with GW Contrast paints--I really love these things! That said, there isn't much else to paint with them. The loin cloth and shoes plus the chainsaw and bird.

And even the chainsaw was painted with contrast paints. I based it with a silver and applied several thinned browns and oranges to represent rust. The copper parts were then painted with unthinned GW Goregrunta fur, to simulate copper, and Terradon Turquoise for the verdigris. Even the blood was Black Templar mixed with Tamiya Clear Red.

For the bird, I again wanted to avoid a raven or crow. All black is just boring. And I already did a magpie on the zombie cart. So for this one, I went with an Egyptian vulture. So mostly light brown, but black wing tips and a white head. Easy-peasy (and also painted with the appropriate contrast paints!).


  1. Haha, that's quite an interesting result! I like it a lot, it's nasty and scary, just as it should be!

  2. Lovely work Andrew! Some nice skin tones on a very busy miniature.

    1. Thanks, there's a lot going on with him, but he's suprising simple still. Kev Adams is a talented sculptor!

  3. You cannot go wromg with undead chainsaw-wielding Goblins!