Monday, October 31, 2016

A face not even a mother could love--Orctober Part Deux

And back with another Orctober entry! Two orcs in one month is pretty unheard of for me. But his orc arrived unexpectedly and I felt that it must be a sign from Gork or Mork that I must paint him for Orctober.
A big thanks to Erny of Erny's Place for the Banner!

Here's a fourth orc for my chaos warband. Before I go any further, I want to thank Matthew Sullivan at Oldenhammer in Toronto. I'm pretty sure his Bob Olley black orcs are about the only painted examples that exist of these models. Without his pictures, I'd never have figured out what half of the stuff on this model, or the other three I painted, were. 

So, what is there to say about a Bob Olley Giant Black Orc? These things are hideous to look at and they are covered with so much texture that I am pretty sure there is no way to paint them without the models looking dry brushed. And yet...they are stupendous models. For this orc, I started with a base of Warboss Green (Goblin Green) and Flash Gitz Yellow (Sunburst Yellow) and just kept applying thin washes of progressively darker green and eventually black inks. The metals were done with buffable paints and pigments. I followed a tutorial in the Metal issue of Mig Jimenez's Weathering Magazine. I used the same methods on my previous black orcs in my chaos warband. In the end, he was another fun model to paint.


  1. Like your previous Ork, I love this figure. Great job on these. For not being a greenskin lover you've done well.

    1. Thanks. These Bob Olley orcs are a bizarre thing to paint. I'm not sure the best painters could make them look "good" in the traditional sense. That said, that's also their charm!