Friday, October 21, 2016

The Veteran Wargamer Podcast

I'm internet famous! I recently recorded a podcast with Jay Arnold of the Veteran Wargamer. In it, we discuss all things Oldhammer, especially about how I created it and how nice it is to own Oldhammer. What? Oh, sorry, my delusions took over!

It's a great podcast, go check it out here. I wanted to make sure to throw out the link to the blog referenced in our in discussion on the Pathetic Aesthetic, which can be found here.


  1. I'm listening to it now. Your voice is like warm honey.

  2. That was quite an odd experience....hearing someone's voice you know only from having conversations with them on the net :)

    You were great on there Andrew! :)

    Regarding Eureka miniatures, I met the owner (Nic) a few times when I was living in Melbourne, his a great guy! His an expat from the UK who's quite knowledgeable about the old days of miniature hobby.

    Anyway, it was nice listening to your conversation. I could tell you were chomping at the bit too, to talk more, which all us old grognards suffer from when we get a chance to discuss our hobby :D


    1. Thanks, it's kind of odd knowing that people will hear my voice too! It feels a bit asynchronous, lol.

      And I really need to order those eureka mutants!

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  3. I really enjoyed your episode and am enjoying Jay's podcast in general. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from as you know, my Abdul Goldberg is mostly a eureka mini and I am in the process of painting those Bosch "beastmen". I also bought some apes to proxy as Jokaero.

  4. Let me know how you like them, I really want some of those Bosch mutants!