Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Bob Olley Genestealers #PaintABob

The Cult of the Jade Destroyer was getting restless. The Magi were not ready to strike, but the brothers were growing tired of toiling in the mines below the deserts of Choutera IV. Drekker had his boys training as often as they could, but the plebs who ran the mines needed to see the work done or they would get suspicious. Still, he had been blessed by the gods with an extra limb, so they listened. But he could only hope that the time for uprising would been soon.

So as you will see in a blog post in the near future, I have been enjoying the hell of out Contrast Paints. There are certain models that they are absolutely perfect for--specifically those with lots of texture. So when the Oldhammer Community announced its #PaintABob contest, I thought Bob Olley models would be great to use them on. 

So after deciding on some Genestealer Cultists, but before actually starting on the Bob Olley ones, I did this as a practice model. If you take out drying times, He was finished in about an hour. Not bad! That's one of the reasons I love Contrast Paints! And I was able to recreate my existing color scheme pretty accurately. 

After finishing the modern plastic and with thinking about a few tweaks, I was ready to go. Unfortunately, I realized I didn't have any original arms, but thankfully, the modern plastic arms fit the old metals perfectly.

Everything was initially primed blue, to act as a pre-shade, and then zenithally airbrushed with GW Grey Seer. Generally, with contrast paints, I like to start with the darkest colors and work lighter. So the blacks were all painted first; using about 3 coats of Black Templar, thinned about one part paint to three parts thinner. After that, I edge highlighted with straight Grey Seer.

After that, the pants were painted with Talasaar Blue thinned with Contrast Medium and the creases had Leviadon Blue painted directly into them while the Talasaar was still wet. It was at this point that I noticed that it was the sleeves that should be blue and the pants brown! Oh well, too late now 😆

The Purple armor was first painted with Magos Purple, and when that was dry, I highlighted the highest points with Grey Seer and then added a coat of Shyish Purple thinned with Contrast medium. After that, a final edge highlight with Dechala Lilac was applied. The teal parts of the armor were first painted with Wraithbone before applying Gryph-Charger Grey. This is a neat color as it gives you a teal if applied over cream colors, but a grey if applied over greys. Then I rehighlighted with Wraithbone and then added a coat of Aethermatic Blue. After that, I again edge highlighted it with Gauss Blaster Green. The sleeves were just Space Wolf Grey and rehighlighted with Grey Seer.

The Leather was done, initially with Gore Grunta Fur, but that came out a little too red, so I added a thinned coat of Cygor Brown. After that, I edge highlighted with Gorthor Brown, Baneblade Brown, and Rakarth Flesh. The metallics were next, since the hoses got near the face and I figured the flesh would be easier to clean off the metallics than visa-versa. These were just Rune Fang Steel covered with a mix of Magos Purple, Leviadon Blue, and Wyldwood, thinned to about 50/50 with Contrast Medium, After that, I just picked out the edges with silver. 

The Flesh was based with Flayed One Flesh and then coated with a layer of Shyish Purple mixed with Fyreslayer Flesh, also thinned about 50/50. Then the highlights were Flayed One Flesh, Pallid Witch Flesh, and White. The stubble was applied with a thinned layer of Athonian Camoshade, a tip I got from the EXCELLENT Juan Hidalgo Miniatures. THere were a few other bits and bobs as well. The primer red chainsword was a mix of Gryph-Hound Orange and Fyreslayer Flesh, highlighted with Wraithbone, then a coat of pure Gryph-Hound, followed by another highlight of Wraithbone, and finally a layer of Iyaden Yellow. The flamer jars were done with Creed Camo and shaded by mixing in Black Templar, then highlighted with Wraithbone and layered again my mixing in Iyaden Yellow to the Creed Camo. I repeated that until I was happy. The empty parts were just Space Wolf Grey highlighted with Grey Seer and then White.