Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Warcry--The Eight Points!

The Eightpoints – the heart of Archaon’s dominion and the foremost stronghold of Chaos – is a vast place with its own nations, cultures and climates. Home to choking jungles, ice-capped mountains, sprawling cities and more.

To me, one of the biggest selling points of the Warcry box was the terrain. I immediately knew it was pretty awesome and I wanted it! As an initial matter, for anyone who has the terrain but has not assembled it, Way Walker Studios did an excellent guide on how to assemble them correctly: GW clearly designed this terrain separate from the game as the instruction book does not show you how to build the scenery on the cards. 

All the stonework was painted based on a really good youtube video I saw: How to Paint Warcry Terrain. The Main buildings were all painted this way, while the Bell Tower and Statute were a variation of that.

For the buildings, I primed black and then painted them with GW Deathguard Green Spray. It was done in a sort of Zenithal fashion but not quite. The video above does a much better job explaining it. Then they were drybrushed with Celestra Grey and White in a downwards manner. I then added some weathering with Athonian Camoshade and Vallejo Slimy Green Dark and Light. The Iron greats were painted with Leadbelcher and completely coated in Typhus Corrosion and drybrushed with rust colors.

Overall, they came out really well, but were a little rough, texture-wise. So for the bell tower and statue, I started the same, priming black and then using the Deathguard Green spray. But instead of drybrusing them, I used oil paints. I painted a stripe of white at the top of each stone and then a stripe of Abteilung 502 Field Grey on the bottom (it's what I had, if I do this again, I'll probably find something a little darker). After that, I took a wide, flat brush that was damp with a soft thinner, I dragged down from the top and up from the bottom to blend the two colors. I did have to go back and do a little clean up in some of the cracks, but otherwise it worked out great!

The wood components were painted in one of two ways, depending on whether or not they were logs or planks.

The planks were based with off white (I can't remember if I had picked up Wraithbone by that point or not). Then they were hit with Contrast Wyldwood and finally a drybrush of Rakarth Flesh.

The logs were painted in a dark brown craft paint, which I drybrushed over Mournefang Brown and Baneblade Brown. The spikey parts were Baneblade Brown and drybrushed with Rakarth Flesh.

Finally, the skeletons were painted with Celestra Grey and washed with a mix of Basilicanum Grey, Apothecary White, and, I think, Wyldwood, thinned pretty heavily. The individual skulls were just hit with a wash of Skeleton Horde. The robes and other bits and bobs were just painted with a seemingly appropriate contrast paint.