Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Anfeald, Anglo-Saxon Warrior

The vikings had burned his village and carted off most of his people to be taken to the slave markets in Dublin. But he and his hunting party had been out when the village was attacked and Anfeald vowed he would get his revenge. When he realized that there were still a few stragglers from the viking war band still loitering around, Anfeald hatched a plan. He would lie in weight in the burned out ruins of his farmstead until one of them came close...then the northman would find Saxon steel buried in the back of his head. 

Anfeald defends the ruins of his farmstead from Hrolf and Snorre
I knocked out another excellent Red Box Games Aenglish warrior for use with Blood Eagle. I know the Aenglish are not quite period correct as they have some characteristics of much later English. But then Blood Eagle is not exactly a historically accurate game either so I figure I can get away with it! Like the two RBG Vikings I did, this one was also a blast to paint as Trey manages to get so much character into these models.

On Anfeld, I came across a couple of color combinations that I am definitely going to be using again. The green hood was based with GW Nurgling Green, Shaded with GW Dryad Bark mixed with Scale 75 Abyssal Blue, and then highlighted with P3 Menoth White Base added to the original color. Finally a glaze of thinned Waywatcher green was added to bring back out the green tone.

The trousers were simply GW Adminstratum Grey that was shaded with Dryad Bark mixed in and applied in thin layers. The armor was based in GW Doombull Brown, shaded with Scale 75 Abyssal Blue, and highlighted with GW Lugganath Orange added to the original brown. While I was ecstatic about the trousers, I had hoped this leather armor would come out less "flesh" colored. I suspect I needed to start with a darker base.

For the shield, I painted it with GW Lothern Blue, also shaded with Scale 75 Abyssal Blue, and highlighted with VGC Off White mixed in to the Lothern Blue. I applied an old stag transfer and painted over it to make it look more natural. Finally, the flesh was my done with my old stand by method of GW Tallarn Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, and highlighted with P3 Menoth White Base added in.
Hmmm. The back side of the axe head did not turn out so good...


  1. Nice work, especially the shield. I've got some Red Box vikings if you're looking ...

    1. Thanks! At this point I'm about full on Vikings at the moment.

  2. Cool figure. I've never purchased a Red Box Games figure.