Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Zombies of Karr-Keel -- Johannes, Ravenna, and Medolf

He was on a winning streak, but maybe, just maybe, he should have given someone else a shot...

A fiddle virtuoso with a voice made of gold, Johannes Truenote was an unparalleled tavern performer who was in demand throughout the empire. When Johannes went down to Karr-Keel, he expected to win the Mayor's annual music contest, play The End Tavern until sunrise, bed down with some groupies, and leave town with a brutal hangover and a fat purse. In Johannes' book, the Mayor's birthday was the highlight of the touring season. As far as he could imagine, there was nothing so dark or dire that could happen that would make him stay home. Of course, Johannes was known for his music and not his imagination. It probably never crossed his mind that he could end up trapped in Karr-Keel forever, a cursed zombie, absently sawing away at broken strings. He's the only person to have won the Mayor's music contest five years in a row.

Three more zombies finished up. For both Joahannes and Ravenna, I based their flesh with the old Citade Tallarn Flesh shaded with Carroburg Crimson and then Guiliman Blue after that dried. I highlighted it by mixing in Citadel Kreig Khaki to the Tallarn Flesh. As a performer, I went for a pretty gaudy uniform. After all, he needs to get the people attention in anyway possible if he wants to maximize his earnings. His pants were based with Citadel Evil Sun Scarlet, which was washed with Citadel Druchi Violet and highlighted by adding in Citadel Lugganth Orange. Meanwhile, the greens were simply Citadel Warboss Green highlighted by mixing in VGC Off White (no wash was done to keep it faded looking). The yellow was painted similarly with VMC Orange Brown, highlighted by mixing in VGC Off White.

Ravenna was a damned good witch. Her shop was near Eastgate in the shadow of Karr-Keel's extravagant curtain wall, and people throughout the city came to her for charms, curatives, and minor hexes. Have warts in all the wrong places? Need a love potion in a jiffy? Hate your neighbor's little yippy dog? Ravenna could help. Of course, none of skills helped her or her beloved cat when the Necroburgher's curse fell upon Karr-Keel. But, even now, there's no more sought after witch in the city, and her ruined shop remains well stocked with all manner of minor magics.

Ravenna's dress was based with Scale 75 Abyssal Blue and highlighted up by mixing in Citadel Fenrisian Grey with the bodice painted in VGC Bronze Flesh and highlighted by mixing in VGC Offwhite. I wanted her hair to be dingy and gross looking so I based it with Citadel Celestra grey, which was washed Serpahim Sepia at the bottom and Nuln oil at the top. Highlights were applied by mixing in VGC Off White.

Unfortunately, it kind of blocked out by the giant mushroom, but I painted the cat in homage to Heathcliff the Cat, and he was based in Citadel Skrag Brown and highlighted with VMC Orange Brown. The black stripes were P3 Black and highlighted with whatever grey was handy when I did it. I also added the giant mushroom since Ravenna was, in her former life, a healer and I imagined her still shambling into the woods in search of the ingredients for her potions.

Medolf was not one of the headliners of the show, but his ability to shove two swords down his throat at once was popular with the crowd. No one knew how he did it, though some said the second sword was enchanted somehow. When the curse hit, Medolf was at the center of the big tent with his head tilted back, one sword pushed in and the other in his hand. Death was instant, and the sword was stuck. Now, Medolf can be seen wandering the streets of Karr-Keel, second sword gripped absently in his left hand while he tries to remove the first sword with his right.

Medolf's flesh was painted with Citadel Baneblade brown and glazed with thinned GW Naggaroth Night, Baal Red, and Bloodletter Red a. He was highlighted by mixing in VGC Off White to the Baneblade Brown.

Another performer, he is also dressed quite ostentatiously. The Greens and Yellows were done pretty much the same as for Johannes above. The purples on the pants were based in Citadel Screamer Pink and highlighted by mixing in Citadel Emperor's Children. The purples on the vest were based with Citadel Naggoroth Night and highlighted up my mixing in Demonette Hide.

I was particularly happy with the rust on his sword blades. This was done by beginning with a base of dark brown and stippling on Secret Weapon Old Rust, Red Rust, and Yellow Rust followed by final splotches of Citadel Ryza Rust.


  1. WoooooooW! Excellent looking miniatures!

  2. So absolutely cool. The palette for each one is what they precisely needed. Great!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm going to lie and say that I totally planned it that way 😉

  3. Love it. You nailed that yellow color in particular

  4. Spectacular work on these. Characterful paint jobs for characterful sculpts.