Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Plegg Marines!

Nogrod looked in horror at the thing approaching him. "How could one of our champions shun it's fellow squats to embrace the ruinous powers?" the though as he flicked the switch on his autogun to full auto. He confidently took aim and fired, release a series of rapid fire shots that each hit it squarely in the chest. The horror of seeing this abomination quickly turned into shock  as it continued to approach him. He'd put enough bullets into it to drop a mature flignox and this thing wasn't even phased...

If you are not familiar with Wereweevil Miniatures, you should really check them out. He does some great Egg marines that are totally not squats, really and truly. I picked up one of the sets he does that came with an Egg for each of the chaos gods. As I am cranking out Plague Marines, I figured now would be a great time to do this one.

He's pretty much painted exactly as the others, although I have swapped out the verminlord hide for Vallejo Model Air Rust (71.080). This things on the back, as well as various pustules on the armor, was painted with Skarsnik Green and highlighted by mixing in VGC Off White. It was also washed with various brown and green washes.

For the shoulder pads, I use non-metallic gold colors, not to achieve an NMM look but that mustard brown just looks right, to paint a couple of Nurgle icons. Obviously, as a squat, he's not an actual member of the Death Guard, so no chapter symbols.

I also added in some additional colors for the stains and drips, not just the Nihilakh Oxide. I used several of the Vallejo Weathering Effects, Nurgle's Rot, and Tamiya Clear Red. 

A better view of the base and the drool